Learn how your comment data is processed. Some states also had their own seals, like MN’s was a triangle with a number and MINN written inside it. Best regards, David, Bill and Dave, the 1-11-14 is a weights and measures seal/registration number assigned to Thatcher. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Hope this helps, Ed. I don’t know how I missed that, or how long I had the error posted……..I have fixed it today! They had a lot of family picnics and get togethers back then. my email is glinda, at gmail, with the usual dot and com, if you want to reminisce, or let me know how your family has done…, Dunkirk, New York (Chautauqua County), NOT Indiana, Thanks Wayne for the correction! Castle logo used by Gibraltar Crystal (photo courtesy of Myles Yaksich), IPG inside triangle-on heel of amber Clorox bottle, Star Glass Works, New Albany, IN. Martin Thatcher, Managing Director. How old might this be? Thatcher Manufacturing Company / Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company has a long and very confusing history. This is an example of a typical configuration seen on many bottles. HOWEVER, the Brockport, NY glass bottle container plant, which I believe you are referring to, is an Owens-Illinois (Owens-Brockway) plant, not a Thatcher Glass plant. David. I’m thinking the number 2 indicates the alcohol permit number and the S the city the bottle was made in. “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle” marking. We lived in Santa Clarita/Valencia in the 70s-90s. The mTc I have located on here that matches, the T resembles an anchor, while the M and C are formed to mimic a triangle formation. In a subsequent email, he also stated that there might have been a gradual transition over a period of time after 1981 before the “new” mark was used on all molds, but he was quite certain that by 1984 all bottle molds in use did carry the “Double lined T”. Because this may be code for “square”. Photo courtesy of ebay seller “Dotdority”. Boyd glass “chick salt” covered dish in lilac glass. I really can’t pinpoint a particular year this bottle may have been made. Just curious how old this bottle is. This is an emerald green soda bottle made by Foster-Forbes in 1990. https://www.sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/Thatcher_BLockhart.pdf Some bottles made by Thatcher would be classified as “generic”, with no markings other than the glass manufacturer’s mark on the heel or the base. Fenton “Colonial Blue” Thumbprint pattern candy dish / vase, with ruffled rim. https://www.sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/Thatcher_BLockhart.pdf, Thanksgiving in the Time of Corona – Second Chance Stadium, Dr. W. B. Caldwell’s, Monticello, Illinois ~ bottles, Brockway Glass Company: “B in a circle” mark on glass bottles, Root Glass Company, Terre Haute, Indiana (1901-1932), Owens Bottle Company: “O inside a square” mark, Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Coke Bottles, Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company (c.1904-1985), AB (connected) mark on antique glass beer bottles, AB (connected) bottle base mold codes list, Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation: “Anchor and H entwined” logo, Irradiated Glass / Altered Glass / Artificially Purpled Glass, Atterbury & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, “Bottle inside oval” mark on British “Ten Pin” style soda bottle, Brockway Glass Company (B inside a circle marking), Brody Co. Cleveland, O. U.S.A. (E.O.Brody Company), Bromo-Seltzer ~ Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles, Brookfield Glass Company, Brooklyn, New York, Caldwell’s (Dr. W. B. Caldwell’s, Monticello, Illinois) ~ bottles, California Glass Insulator Company, Long Beach, CA, Capstan Glass Company , Connellsville, Pennsylvania, C B B; C B K ; C B M marks on antique pickle jars, Collectible Milk Glass – General Information / Overview, Depression Glass (What is Depression Glass? Thatchers Gold Can Cider, 24 x500 ml. Thanks for your post! Mold number “47” on the base of a clear glass soda bottle made by Owens-Illinois. Thanks for the info! It was my first job when i graduated high school. Hi Bill, 49 indicates the year 1949. Award-winning Thatchers Zero. Take care, David. (For more detailed info on the individual plants, see the .pdf file on Thatcher, by Lockhart et al (link near the bottom of this page). I didn’t realize that the original buyer filed for bankruptcy soon after the purchase. in any way whatsoever without Shop Limited's prior consent, nor without due acknowledgement. There is also a single crown above them. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to make sure you can always use our site. That’s why the Lockport, NY location is included in the list of glass plants that were acquired, controlled or owned by Thatcher at some time during it’s history. Bottom marks are (around the edge clockwise from top, 7546, 18, MTC triangle logo (1944 version), L, 83. But your website has been very useful. It is a clear bottle, with an embossed logo on the face of an “S” in a shield, with 2 eagles/hawks facing away on both sides in almost a crest look. The “R105” is a “rectifier number”. in Santa Clarita [northern Los Angeles County] when they closed – supposedly sold to a plant that made plastic bottles rather than glass bottles. Some of those plants operated for a relatively short period of time. Chris? This mark has been confirmed on the base of an emerald green liquor flask with a 1985 date code, and an amber beer bottle with a 1983 date (pictured). (Frederick Heitz Glass Works), St. Louis, MO, Fletcher’s Castoria / Pitcher’s Castoria bottles, General Overview on Glass Insulators – Basic Information, Glass Containers Corporation, Fullerton, California, Great Western Glass Company, St. Louis, Missouri (1874-c.1887), HEMINGRAY No 9 // PATENT MAY 2 1893 glass telephone insulator, Hobnail Pattern Glass Votive Candle Cups / Candleholders, Horseshoe & Star design on the base of jelly glasses, Indiana Glass Company “Hen-on-Nest” Dishes, Interstate Glass Company, Kansas City, Missouri, Kentucky Glass Works Company, Louisville, Kentucky, L.G.CO. “W in a diamond” used by Westite Glass Company, as it appears on the base of a jade green milkglass vase (photo courtesy of Abby Chovanec). This variation is seen in the form of a large T with smaller “m” and “c” sheltered underneath the “roof” of the T, in rather plain “block” style lettering (as shown in photo). David. I had alot of family members work up in the Streator (Owens too) one and to this day alot of family members still live in that town and area. Vernon, Ohio:   Lockport, New York;   Dunkirk, New York;  Clarksburg, West Virginia;   Olean, New York;  Winchester, Indiana;  Cedar Grove, West Virginia;   Parkersburg, West Virginia;  Lawrenceburg, Indiana;  Long Island, New York;  Muscatine, Iowa;  Saugus, California;  Jeannette, Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida. William Franzen & Sons- W F & S MIL marking on base of amber beer bottle. Maximum 20 promotional items per customer. Hey there, Todd. The same great prices as in store, delivered to your door with free click and collect! Chris Alcock. Thanks. You should note that products and their ingredients are subject to change. Thatcher Glass was one of the largest employers – about 800 – on San Fernando Rd. During the earlier years, (1889-c.1904) this company sold dairy-related products including milk bottles that were actually made by other glass companies, especially Whitall Tatum and Company.. Weighs and measures laws ensured that bottles held the amount of milk it says it does (a pint actually has a pint of milk in it). I have even searched a NY Heritage website that has the original scanned concepts and patents of various bottles. Those are two separate glass companies. From your description, you have a liquor bottle, and the “58” is a date code for 1958. PLEASE THANKS BILL. My son found a bottle that has the MTC logo along with Gibson Wines and the #7.