Chard satisfies the appetite with a very low caloric intake (about 20 kcal / 100 g). It seems that Swiss chard can help prevent these neurodegenerative diseases, thanks to its supposed inhibitory action of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Filed Under: Detox, Foodie Tagged With: detox, juicing, phytonutrients, swiss chard « How to Protect Your Skin With Collagen. Kidney stones are made up largely of calcium oxalate, and Swiss chard is a food rich in oxalate. Swiss Chard health benefits includes treating anemia naturally, contains strong antioxidant properties, promotes bone development, prevent cardiovascular disease, promotes digestion, boost cognitive development, maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails, improves muscle function, prevent macular degeneration, support eye health, helps manage and prevent diabetes, and help prevent cancer. Chards are biennial crops (they are available year-round) and can grow well in both cool and hot temperatures. Although proof of its effect on humans is yet to be done, animal research has shown a positive influence on insulin production. It is a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and fibers, thanks to chard, apple and cucumber. Find out how to use it. Apples give green juices a bit of a sweet flavor so it’s not so intense. Avoid soft stems and wilted leaves. It’s getting quite popular these days as a versatile vegetable for cooking and it has a great reputation as a green for juicing. juicing chard stems Take advantage of all the ‘green power’ of this ‘smoothie’ with purifying properties. It is a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and fibers, thanks to chard, apple and cucumber. The conclusion that emerges from these figures is really surprising, since the relationship between calories and nutrients is 1 to 10, when in other foods this relationship is inverse until reaching 10 to 0 of sugar. 5.Add the lime juice, grate some ginger and add a few ice cubes and agave syrup to taste. Freezing the stems is not recommended, but the leaves can be lightly blanched, cooled and then frozen in individual portions. Together with chard, the other ingredients form a perfect juice for weight loss, as it is a low- calorie juice with many diuretic properties. Choose a firm Swiss chard with no visible blemishes or brown spots. You always have to eat or drink a little of all foods, because our body needs all the nutrients that they provide us. These same digestive properties make it recommended in cases of gastritis and hemorrhoids. Surely after trying and learning what this nutritious juice provides, people who are reluctant to these foods will look at them with different eyes. Swiss chard is a leafy green vegetable that is packed with nutrients. Keep in mind that chard leaves can be prepared like spinach. There are several varieties of Swiss chard on the market. We will introduce the ingredients in the order of the list. We can adjust the amount of fiber we want in the juice. Take advantage of all the ‘green power’ of this ‘smoothie’ with purifying properties. Thus, there are red, green, yellow or white chard. In order for their drug dosage to remain adequate, their daily intake of vitamin K must be stable. Swiss chard should therefore be consumed in moderation, to avoid too large a variation in vitamin K levels. When no more pulp comes out and the color is homogeneous, it is time to serve. It is suitable for those who suffer difficulties in intestinal transit due to its richness in fiber and its emollient and softening power of the intestinal tract. This is pure natural energy bliss! Strawberry Frappuccino Recipe » Comments. You have to think that this juice can be equivalent to a good salad with a variety of many green foods. This green, leafy vegetable is often used in Mediterranean cooking. Like most fruits and vegetables, Swiss chard has antioxidant power. Our look at the many delicious leafy greens continues with Swiss chard, famous for it’s lovely red and yellow stalks. You’ll be most successful at growing Swiss chard if you plant seeds in moist, humus-rich soil. Since Swiss chard is an excellent source of vitamin K and this nutrient is a coagulant, people taking anti-coagulant medications (to prevent thrombosis, embolism, and strokes, among others) should be vigilant. It could potentially have an attraction to protect against certain cancers, against cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. 2.Squeeze the juice from the limes, wash and dry the chard leaves. Swiss chard contains vitamin K (blood thinner), vitamin A (vision, protection against infection, bone health), vitamin C (antioxidant, bone health), iron (formation of red blood cells, blood oxygenation, cell making), copper (formation of red blood cells, antioxidant), magnesium (bone and muscle health) and B complex vitamins (energy, mood). Look at the benefits of juicing Swiss Chard. Ok, so Rainbow Chard is the base of this juice. Then you just have to start the juice extractor. With all of its benefits Swiss chard makes a great addition to your diet! Amanda says. Swiss chard juicing benefits include supplying you with antioxidants, and vitamins K, A and C, just like if you ate the greens. Compared to spinach, much more appreciated, chard surpasses it in magnesium, provitamin A and folic acid, and equals it in vitamins B1 and B2. Because of such a compelling amount of nutrients, kale, collards and chard are perhaps the healthiest vegetables available. Then there’s Cucumber, Carrots, Ginger, and an Apple. Swiss chard has an excellent nutrient profile high in Vitamin C (70% RDA), Vitamin K (1400%), Magnesium (28%), Manganese (28%), Potassium (15%), B vitamins, Iron (14%), Calcium (7%) and Vitamin A (165%). Due mainly to its richness in minerals, it is a reinforcing food. The many health benefits attributed to chard are due to its impressive list of vitamins, nutrients, and organic compounds, which include vitamin K, vitami… May 31, 2014 at 10:54 am. The decoction, at a rate of 25 to 50 g per liter of water, is useful against constipation, inflammation of the urinary system, hemorrhoids and dermatoses.