Home › Forums › Miscellaneous Forums › Recipes & Cooking Techniques › Spam vs Treet › Spam vs Treet September 22, 2013 at 8:23 am #2632351 blue heaven Spam is crap. I’d been waiting for an appropriate occasion to do my taste test between Armour Treet and Spam, and since things have already gone to hell, I figured why not today? I cut off two more slices of pork loaf for the grill, thinking that cooking technique might prove superior to my mother’s method. Musubi.You will not regret it. I’m so glad I wasn’t eating or drinking as I read this post; my computer screen would have been ruined. Of the two, it’s the “higher-end product” that enjoys more name recognition. santaman2000 Guide. Can’t say I’ve ever heard — or seen — the words “Spam” and “lifestyle” in the same sentence. I’ve had fried spam and it’s revolting! Sold as "spiced luncheon loaf", it is made with chicken and pork and has a more finely ground texture than Spam, more akin to bologna or vienna sausages. If you serve this to guests, they’re going to kick your ass no matter which product you buy. In fact, Clyde (our cat) magically appeared in the kitchen thinking he was getting fed. As for the salty taste, both Spam® and Treet® have a low sodium version. I confess I was mouth-breathing as I cut off 1/4-inch slices of Spam and Treet. Place Spam® or Treet® in the middle of a cast-iron Pan. Just meat, salt, and water I think. LOL, yeah, you definitely have to slice & fry the spam…I’ve had it fried w/eggs (yum!) sounds like we readers are requesting: do over!! I’m sorry, but fried Spam is still Spam, and Spam is fucking disgusting, no matter how you prepare it. I’ve personally never had either but to each his own. Favorite Answer. Spam sliced and fried is one of the best breakfast meats in town! I also add a slice of American cheese and let it melt on the Spam. Although it is officially a "spiced luncheon loaf", Treet is often called "Treet meat". i agree with cc – cook them. No thanks. Change ). Cooking time is mercifully quick, and I hastily beat a couple of eggs to make a tasty omelet on the side. eager to invite your tastebuds to come out and play. Working quickly, I flipped the sizzling Spam and Treet in the frying pans, then walked out on the deck to see how things were going on the open flame. Out on the table, Spam looks most like actual ham, which I think is the point of all of this. By this time I was already feeling queasy, and knew I’d need something strong to wash it down. 19 thoughts on “ TULIP vs. TREET vs. SPAM Musubi Showdown! Me? spam hands down, treet is okay but it cant compare. I didn’t see why it wouldn’t be like a slice of cold cut meat, you can eat alone and it’s not considered “wrong” and it doesn’t say anywhere on either can that it needs to be pan fried before serving, so everyone will have to find it in their hearts to forgive a SPAM novice ? Although I am partial to the word Spam! (fried/cooked) ? Maybe you’ve even tasted it, though I hope for your sake that you haven’t. I agree is not hte most appetizing thing in the world but I actually like Spam, I have not tried Treet but I think it looks scarier than Spam, I agree Spam is super salty but what I do is rinse it with water before cooking it , I DO NOT eat that think straight from the can. did you just try it straight out of the can??? 5 Answers. My mum used to make me eat it in a sandwich when I was a kid. Tulip, elsewhere in the world dominates the luncheon meat sales, taste, and product.. I know SPAM has it’s fans and I can appreciate that, but to me it’s always been this nightmareish conglomerate of meats that isn’t really meant for eating so I had never even tried it. While I don’t have a can with ingredients infront of me either, I’m sure there is more than just meat, some sort of flavoring too but even if it was just meat, salt and water, it doesn’t say exactly how much of each ingredient is in there two products, if one has way too much salt, that can ruin a product. I eat large quantities of processed pork products and wash it down with vodka shots. If there is any cooked sauce left-over place in a bowl. i like to fry up some spam then get some bread and spread some mayo on each slice and make a sandwich. Fried or grilled, Spam and Treet both taste like ass, so my advice to you is that if you have to eat this stuff, just do whatever is easiest because nothing is going to improve it. No and no. The Treet had a bit more of an unhealthy brown hue that called  to mind a spray tan on an exsanguinated corpse. This includes frying or baking. Pomai. My Favorite Sites. Otherwise, you’ve got no excuse! Treet is made with chicken and pork. Spam vs Treet, which is the best? To me it still smells like cat food, is very salty, the mushy texture and the gelatinous coating are just too much for my wimpy stomach. Your email address will not be published. As for Spam vs. Treet, I give a slight edge to Treet. Time to taste: I first noticed how salty this was, very salty although Ethan didn’t think it was that salty.