I'm working on a new book! Now I don’t know anything about Japanese, but I found this post by Mazin (まぢん referring to this picture that apparently (using google translate, so take with a grain of salt) talks about a birthday date (and 25/12/46 could be very well a birthday date!). wasn’t set to 46? They are so huge that you would need a map to explore them properly. Not completely sure why. Please reply! I couldn't go any further. That made Buu a genie instead of a demon. Creepy, not scary. So it’s sort of both. Site updates will be slower for the next several months while I focus on the book. Welcome to Sonic Mania CD! Forgive me, it’s been a LONG time since I last played either version…. I did alittle research myself and apparently the text from the hidden message says “Fun is Infinite, Sega Enterprises; Majin. The following page has already been done over, this is just a deluxe version and not just a thing talking about a creepypasta, but it is still not over-exaggerated and is very accurate to my thoughts and feelings, now dont get your future all badded up! Summary: This secret message isn’t from the Devil. Interestingly, when the game was new, I thought the past tracks were different for artistic purposes. Take a look at this: https://youtu.be/LOnK4olyWj0?t=42s The image is still creepy though. 46, PCM No. But I translated myself and it came up to be “Happiness ∞    Sega enterprises, Ltd. Any idea why this relatively plotless NES action-platformer uses kanji? Sonic CD is a medicore game that got hyped up because Sega refused to re-release the game for so long. Oh, and it released with the USA soundtrack worldwide even in Japan. I played up to act 2 of Wacky Workbench and stopped. The question still remains why he chose that to accompany such an innocent little message. @^ In the original Mega CD version, you do indeed need to set all three numbers for the secret messages to appear. Obviously “Mato”, a PR person from funimation,sega etc. So he doesn’t say it’s his birthday outright but I assume it’s his. The Sonics on the background are sopposed to be sonic with Marios face. Required fields are marked *. It's a shame you didn't listen to the Japanese/European soundtrack since it has some of the best music of any 2D Sonic game. I had no idea the US soundtrack was different and that the rest of the world got screwed out of Sonic Boom. Didn’t mean to say “that would be nice” twice! But while Yuji Naka was over in the US of A making that, Sonic’s designer Naoto Oshima was in Japan making Sonic CD--call it Sonic 1.5 if you like. Now, from my understanding, this is apparently either a pun on the similar sound between Madjin and majin (魔神) or because “Madjin” is a nickname for Masato Nishimura. This is the US boss theme. Game. It's a good game, with messy level designs. May 7, 2014 @ 5:30pm what were the condtions of the good ending? In any case, Masato Nishimura hid this child nickname in other games too, including Shenmue! Score man, thanks for explaining this! They were thinking of pure awesome, the US invulnerability theme rules. I 100%ed playing as both Sonic and Tails. It didn't grab me very much and I was playing other games so I set it aside. Sorry if this is four years late, but the Japanese boss music is wayyy less creepy, and the screen was probably with that in mind. Is this just some clever pun? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTXR0T5mJ68. Yeah, it does fit pretty well with the supernatural vibe the name has, but then again maybe that’s exactly why he chose to make it creepy in the first place. Hmm. I haven’t seen him in 25 years, I dunno how! For the final boss battle in Sonic Heroes, see Metal Madness. But saying that it's The. I'm with OP, except that I think that time travel is a pointless gimmick as well. The endings diverge after the scene where the chain breaks and Little Planet floats off into the sky. The level design is awful beyond explanation, switching between timelines several times in a stage is just confusing and sloppy. I don’t have any of the games anymore, and I definitely don’t have time to play through them, so if you can get screenshots of any ones in particular that you wanna know about I can post a thing about ’em sometime. Robotnik had his eye on these stones all along, ever since the planet appeared on the last month of the year. I can understand people being fond of the game and even liking it, especially if they have nostalgia for it. The PC port didn’t use any FM sounds and instead used .WAV-like rips for the sound effects. I too wonder whose birthday is this…. The changed US soundtrack is simply because they felt it would go over better that way in the US. Also, obligatory request: I’ve been playing some NES games I’m familiar with in the original Japanese to help learn the language (I’m taking my JAP 101 class), but for whatever reason Hitler no Fukkatsu Top Secret (Bionic Commando) uses kanji in its dialogue! = D, I hope my son, Sean, doesn’t have to deal with being called “Seen” . In the good ending, Sonic watches as it keeps floating higher and disappears with various sparkly effects. For the uninitiated, the deal is this: there’s a secret sound test in Sonic CD, and if you select the proper combination of stuff in that sound test, a spooky screen pops up with some Japanese text. Does the Japanese/European version really use different music? You can completely ignore it and nothing changes. If so, wow , Woop, my mistake. I think it's better if you think of it as its own thing, or a type of spin off. Thanks a lot! By the way, I just tried this on the Sonic Gems Collection version of the game (The GameCube disc). Why... is... this... line... so... absolutely... slow...? If the ROM is badly dumped (basically by the methods available for pirates when the game came out), the game boots directly to that screen, it was just added as a Sound Test cheat in addition because why the hell not let regular players see it. The colors are too loud and busy. There’s a new secret sound test image in this version, showing off a small portion of an unused desert zone with the initials “C.W.”. Yeah, is fucking awful. I played it once maybe a year ago and thought it was just ok, but I had no idea what the time travel thing was supposed to do. I had no idea the US soundtrack was different and that the rest of the world got screwed out of Sonic Boom. たのしさ can be read as “happiness”, but does have a focus on the “having fun” kind of happiness, which is why that was translated the way it was. Say sorry to your friend. Sonic CD > General Discussions > Topic Details. They don’t sound alike, but they’re *spelled* alike. But sometimes they get romanized differently too, so it just adds more confusion to the fire. it looks worse than Jason with no hockey-mask . Well, there are not only level design and music changes, really. It looks and moves great and I love the Whitehead port job but I don't understand what's happening with the past/future stuff or what the game wants me to do with it. The version of Sonic CD you played in Gems Collection was actually a lousy port of the equally lousy PC port of the Sega CD game. I know you are busy so I make this short- I’ve been playing the Volume 1//Rebirth and noticed a lot of Japanese writing throughout my playthrough. He snuck that nickname into a few games – including Sonic CD – and it confounded players for a while. What was Link's uncle trying to say at the start of A Link to the Past? The bad level design is also made more frustrating when it hampers the player in accomplishing one of the game's highlights, which is time travel. Anyway, thank you. At the title screen, press Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A. Yeah…I’m kind of regretting watching that clip so close to bedtime. Could you please translate it so to further clarify this aspect: https://twitter.com/search?q=cd%20%E3%81%BE%E3%81%A2%E3%82%93%20from%3AMazin__%20include%3Aretweets&src=typd It’s the post on the 21st of May 2011, (Someone sends Mazin a tweet) “Someone is doing an LP of Sonic CD on Nico Nico Douga and showed off all sorts of secret content. I’ve always wondered what that text says. This be book bad translation, video games! Incidentally, if you're a Sonic fan, I've written a few other articles about the series that you'll like here! The infamous "All Your Base" game is jam-packed with secret Japanese endings. It does. Levels in bad, good future and the past can have different "difficulty" considering that (for example, guns and traps in Collision Chaos past not finished, in BF works too well even for Sonic and having anothers purposes in GF like in present). :shiver: I don’t get it. They had a musical style reminiscent of the cartridge-based Sonic games, so the past versions of the Sonic CD stages sounded like, well, like Sonic’s past. This is the Mario 2 of the Sonic franchise. As for “hustle”… Uh, where’d you get that from? The music was largely lackluster. Why is it so scary? Sonic CD is my favourite Sonic game and the only 2D Sonic I ever completed. Though Tails cannot earn achievements.