Pamper yourself with the best scalp serums you can ever find. Try our hair serums for an intensive hair and scalp treatment. Credit: Ulta Beauty. 21 Best Curly Hair Products You Need in ... or alcohols—but also fragrance-free, making it killer for soaking up excess oil without irritating your scalp. Hence don’t apply an excess amount of serum as it can damage your hair. You can apply the serum on wet as well as on dry hair. Why we love it: Ideal for curly naturals with low porosity hair, Pattern’s Jojoba Oil Hair Serum helps to reduce breakage and keep the scalp moisturized. Little is more! Tips For Using Hair/Scalp Serum. Today I am sharing A Curly Girl’s Guide To Itchy Scalp Problems.. Always wash your hair before you apply hair serum as it can cause build-up and make your hair greasy and oily. The curly-haired scalp, on the other hand, can get very oily. Curly hair is just different than straight hair, therefore, to get a good look for it you should use special products to improve its condition. Curly locks, the envy of many, usually present as gorgeous volume and effortless style. Most days it feels like no matter how much or how little we wash our hair, our scalps wind up feeling flaky. These lotions can help combat hair loss, purify, soothe or renew the skin. Hair has a different structure, which can be considered as a reflection of the health of your hair. “Scalp serums promote healthy hair and hair growth,” says hairstylist Kim Navarro of Los Angeles’ 901 Salon. Curly hair care comes down to managing these two competing demands. See, your scalp produces natural oil, sebum, to keep your hair soft and to protect it. One of the great things about the curly girl method is that you don’t have to wash your hair as often. Meaning: You wash it, scrub it, mask it, and now, slather it in a scalp serum. ... Best Drugstore Serum for Curly Hair. For us naturally curly girls, dry scalp is pretty much a way of life. However, one of the terrible things about not washing your hair as often is getting a dry, itchy scalp. However, curls can be unruly and hard to manage, and overworking the can lead to frizz and dryness.If you want a stunning and enviable curly do, adapt your haircare routine to include nourishing serums and creams formulated with curly hair in mind. Due to the shape of curly hair strands, the hair tends to be under-moisturized. Hair serum for curly hair is often needed by a curly hair woman in order to get the best results.