As you know Blake’s is a staple for us Midwesterners and they continue to innovate with flavors and designs. To my surprise, everyone thoroughly enjoyed this cider. Produced in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this regional, seasonal chart-topper is only around for a limited … what exactly does rose hard cider taste like, Bustle editor Tanya Ghahremani already taste-tested it. This cider speaks to that perfect color palate, too, glowing with a shiny rose color. The floral notes are the first layer that begins to peel back into the more natural craft cider scents and flavors. For most of the Bustle editors, this was their first experience in rosé cider, and unintentionally became a comparison point for all of the others. As the only non-American rosé cider of the bunch (Strongbow is produced by Heineken), I was admittedly skeptical about this one. Blake’s even has recipes like the Rosé bouquet which is made with gin, cranberry juice, rosé cider, and lime juice. This blend not only lends itself to the color that rosé is famous for, but it helps the flavors, acidity, and fruity qualities shine through. Often, red flesh apples are known for their fine tannic and acidic qualities. (*No editors were harmed in the creation of this hard cider rosé dump-age.). Cider Cider is one of our favorite cider companies. This rosé is make with 100% local apples and is infused, after fermentation, with Marquette grape skins. These questions are particularly relevant now that it's clear that rosé hard cider is having its ~moment~. Coming in at 6.9% ABV, this rosé can be enjoyed year round and is definitely going to be a hit with anyone who drinks it in can or bottle. Alpenfire doesn’t often play in the space of dessert apples, especially Hidden Rose apples due to their rarity, but this is certainly one rosé done expertly. The best part is that you can order these from their website for your own at-home brunching at home. The distinctive color strongly comes from the blueberries, but the flavor, that is a bit more open. The beverage feels unique yet balanced, perfect for a newcomer to cider or a true rosé fanatic. This rosé’s color also comes from the skin of grapes. Credit: Strongbow. First up was the drink of viral lore, Angry Orchard's Rosé Hard Cider. Honorable Mention: Strongbow Rosé Apple Hard Cider . Of the selections, this one was the one we felt was closest in flavor to traditional ciders; Bustle's Kathryn Kattalia may have hit the nail on the head by affectionately dubbing it "apple juice for grown-up babies.". availability. The Rosé Apple version was distinct from the other three varieties of rosé hard ciders we tried in that the carbonation was a little more noticeable, for people who enjoy that extra kick — Bustle's Kristin Magaldi noted that it was more reminiscent of a moscato or a sweet white wine than the others (although not as sweet or apple-forward as the Angry Orchard version). To further the distinctive offering, this cider was make with wine yeast and wine skins to give it that distinctive coloring. As for the non-Frankensteinian versions, all of these varieties are currently available in stores and online, and are available year-round rather than seasonally, so you'll be able to enjoy them at your leisure. 1911 Rosé is a blush-hued, fuller bodied version of our original hard cider. Remember to rosé responsibly, y'all. In terms of sweetness, it was probably somewhere in between Angry Orchard's and Strongbow's, not noticeably or unnoticeably sweet. This delicious concoctions is a semi-sweet with some citrus-like acidity and a fresh, clean flavor. Coming from New York, but crafted in California wine country, this 6.9% ABV cider is 85% cider and 15% rosé, making it a hybrid cider.