Prices do not include shipping or any discounts. after they became pretty good flyers (about 6-8 weeks) moved them to a large outdoor cage. Each bird is shipped in an individual compartment so no injuiries are inflicted by other birds. Common ornamental pheasants are hardy and require little care. See our website for pricing. Peterborough. THANKS JOHN. See price £ 2.49. eBay. Red Golden. Currently Breeding the Following Pheasants: Great Argus Pheasant Blue Eared Pheasant Cabot Tragopan Cheer Copper Edwards’s Elliot’s Malayan Crested Fireback Siamese Fireback Lady… Exotic Pheasant Pairs can be a fun and colorful addition to your aviary. – November 4, 2015. Egg Production: Fair, 80 – 90 eggs per year February through April. Breeder Farm Source: “Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of pure Ornamental Pheasants since 1999. Orders of multiple egg species will be given consideration for a larger volume discount than what is listed. 1 BIRD WAS DOA 2 OTHERS DIED WITHIN 24 H0URS. $100 FREE SHIPPING These eggs come from my breeding pairs of Grey pheasants. Our birds are fed a variety of seeds and greens to ensure healthy eggs and hatchlings. Plan on ordering more. Pickup is also possible; we are 15 minutes east of Jefferson City, Missouri. THE SECOND ORDER ARRIVED 1 DAY AFTER SHIPPING. “Sorry we do not tell you what color we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”. eBay See price. Pheasants In Captivity. One poor fellow (Egor) developed wry neck and never recovered. Assorted Rare Ornamental Pheasant – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – Quantity options available are 15 only. Cackle Hatchery® offers for sale a baby chick package of assorted pheasants or some call it an ornamental pheasant deal. #43-105. Orders of multiple egg species will be given consideration for a larger volume discount than what is listed. Shipped eggs will not be older than 3-4 days old at time of shipment, and are often shipped next day or even same day as they are layed. martin game farm ornamental pheasants for sale Martin Game Farm Exotic Pheasants and Peafowl: Home About Contact Birds for sale Farm News Currently Have lots of Lady Amhearst and golden chicks for sale. Mikado. Candling is used to keep track of how your golden pheasant hatching eggs are developing. they can be used to encourage hens to start laying or getting them to lay in a particular area. We lost him about a month ago and two more hens last week (I think it was aggression from others). The eggs are checked for cracks during the sanitizing process and then during packing. ALL BIRDS WERE HEALTHY. View Product. Almost all our eggs are shipped in foam egg trays. Children love to be a part of this experience as they learn about each stage of the birds’ lives and have the joy of watching the first chick pip out of its shell. Minimum egg order of $20. We include 5% extra eggs with every order. Mallard Lane Farms. Meyer Hatchery ships a wide selection of juvenile, yearling, and adult or breeding age pheasants each week. $5,000.00. The result of this careful process is an egg fertility rate that is consistently 90-95+% when set at our own hatchery. I ended up with 2 red golden males several golden hens. Notify me before the end of the auction. Raising & Selling Ducks, Swans, Pheasants & more . Prices do not include shipping or any discounts. I would give a full five but since the nature of pheasants is to run off if they can so must be always caged. National See complete description. White earred. Participant They are raised for a number of different reasons including hunting, release, training a bird dog, or for meat! But all in all they are are real pleasure to watch with fun little noises they make. Most of my eggs are collected and given to bantams to hatch. 672 County Road 412, Bonnots Mill, MO 65016                                           Phone: (573) 680-9816    E-mail. All of the same variety (dang!) I even got extra everyone made is alive and happy. Candle the red golden pheasant eggs before placing them in the egg incubator. Introduce these to your gamebird range and show hunters a beautiful bird like they have never seen before. Pheasant is living in 40 of our American states and is raised by over 100 farms. Similar to the standard Ringneck Pheasant in shape and behavior, the Ornamental Pheasant varieties show off even more amazing plumage. With rich striped and speckled patterns in red and gold, bronze and white, silver and blue, and more, Ornamental Pheasants resemble peacocks in the intricacy and beauty of their feathers. 672 County Road 412, Bonnots Mill, MO 65016                                           Phone: (573) 680-9816    E-mail: [email protected] This can include 5 different color patterns of the Golden Pheasant and can include the Lady Amherst pheasant. 1 case of pheasant eggs includes 340 eggs plus 20 extras. They are healthy and laid eggs this year as well. I will be ordering again. $450.00. The Ringneck Pheasant was introduced to the United States around the 1880’s and have become a very popular game bird ever since. We sell hatching eggs, chicks, young bird and breeders. We offer Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Lady Amherst, Reeves, and more. The beautiful golden pheasant is a well known aviary bird, they are hardy and easy to keep, and are often the first pheasant a beginner acquires. They have a way of flitting around makes them look like acrobats. I ORDERED 2 SETS OF 15 EACH OF ORNAMENTAL PHESANTS. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Plan Orders of multiple egg species will be given consideration for a larger volume discount than what is listed. Order Assorted Rare Pheasant Chicks for Sale Online from Cackle Hatchery® ... Assorted Rare Ornamental Pheasant – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – Quantity options available are 15 only. This is when they have learned to fly. Rick, California November 25 2010 From the spectacular Red Gold Pheasant to the cold-loving Eared Pheasants there are almost endless species, color mutations and variations of pheasants. 1 case of pheasant eggs includes 340 eggs plus 20 extras. Exotic Pheasant Farm. THE FIRST ORDER ARRIVED WITH 2 DAYS. As their name implies, Ornamental Pheasants are visually beautiful birds. 2 fertile Grey Peacock Pheasant eggs for sale. . Improvement I got a good mix of colors and sexs. Argus Pheasant pair. Ornamental Pheasants for sale. Minimum egg order of $20. Brown earred. We have loved watching them grow. Weights:    Hen—-2 to 2 1/24 lbs    Cock—–3 to 3 1/2 lbs, Egg Production:  Fair, 80 – 90  eggs per year February through April. Came healthy and a nice mix of different colors and breeds. Incubation last about 24 days. $2,900.00. Malay Peacock pheasant pair. Candling red golden pheasant eggs. Details: clip, rings, seller, poultry, chicken, hatching, pigeon, pheasant, bird, trusted. Prairie Ridge Aviary offers the following ornamental pheasants for sale: Express shipping and box is available at $130 for one bird, $175 for two birds, and $350 for three or four birds. He lasted many weeks and oft times we thought he might be ok…just not quite right. YOU SENT ME EXTRA BIRDS SO I HAVE 31 BEAUTIFUL BIRDS FEATHERED OUT. Swinhoes. Our eggs are picked up several times daily. If you’re looking here, the answer for you is EGG! We do not offer any guarantee/replacement/refunds on shipments of Rare Ornamental Pheasants. View Product. 400$ a pair $44.95 NEW 7 EGG INCUBATOR EGG HATCHER DUCK CHICKEN DIGITAL 7EHD Calgary Featured. There are many reasons to raise ornamental pheasants, not the least of which is their undeniable beauty. They really make this senior citizens happy and active as treatment for my Parkinson’s Syndrome. Thank you so much. Prices do not include shipping or any discounts. They are still a bit immature so not real sure what has survived. Can’t wait till full colors come out. 1 case of pheasant eggs includes 340 eggs plus 20 extras. Accepting payment with ... Golden pheasant. We lost 2 chicks within 24 hour of arrival then two more the first week. Follow this procedure to candle your golden pheasant eggs: Look for the correct candling device. Ornamental pheasants for sale. Exhibiting a wide array of varying colors and patterns, all of these birds are true trophies. They are healthy and they laid eggs this year. Order now for estimated delivery by May 13, 2021. Eggs are shipped USPS Priority Mail, and can be sent Express Mail or through UPS if requested. The fowl I obtained from you make this year special to me. Rare Find Collectible. Incubating and hatching your own eggs is a thrilling experience. The eggs are cream colored and smaller than a regular pheasant egg … Incubation lasts 23 days and the mother cares for its young until they are capable around 2 weeks of age.