These projects are intended to help users learn how scenarios are constructed and how to create their own. Usually, you should always consider the extremes scenarios in both ends of the spectrum. Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Strategic Category of the Talent Triangle. Your project scenario will help you to visualize running of your project to define what may happen during actual project performance. A project scope template is used to establish all of the work and the tasks which need to be completed in the project. The STEM home page contains several example projects users can import and run with STEM. At Planview, we get it. Event Description: Project provides an excellent platform for managing projects, but many project managers struggle with utilizing the full power of Project to do “What-if” scenarios. Check out these five real-world examples of companies using our work and resource management solutions to connect strategy with execution. Scenario planning should do for project portfolio management what a good project charter does for a project—establishes the overall vision and mission, sets the direction, and aids in making decisions that affect the overall outcome of the effort. Please see the documentation on Creating a STEM Scenario for more information … For example, pre-pandemic scenarios used fuel costs as a trigger, anticipating higher prices in a crisis. These companies have made great strides in how they tackle project … Smart companies are always looking for successful project management examples to learn how other companies are achieving their project management goals. It lets you to foresee how project resources will be used, clarify how your team will work together to implement the project, to disclose bottlenecks and to think of different project aspects from other positions. The scenario I often use to teach project management is planning a wedding. In using scenarios, organizations can better understand the potential outcome--from a range of possible results--that they can realize from their current activities. The examples demonstrate some, but not all, of the models available in STEM. This paper examines how project managers can integrate scenario planning into their project plans for the purpose of better understanding their options and opportunities. Almost everyone understands what this entails (as opposed to a construction scenario), and you can easily make the wedding scenario as simple or complicated as you want. The feasibility of each option can be described along with the selection criteria, pros and cons. Sample Projects Available For Download. Weddings can invole considerable expenditure, numerous stakeholders whose various needs must be met, high communication … After spending a few weeks assessing key metrics for the business, the company realized that because diesel fuel is cheap, it can be more competitive on rates and pay truckers better than Amazon — the opposite of what it expected in its original scenario planning. As part of defining your roll-out strategy, you can use this template to identify the different roll-out scenarios that are possible and describe them at a high level of abstraction.