PS101 Unit 3 … Establishing Operation. After being out and about all day, you come home in a sweaty shirt. 2 examples of negative reinforcement; 2 examples of positive punishment and; 2 examples of negative punishment. Positive = applying something to increase or decrease behavior and Negative = removing something to increase or decrease behavior. Let’s look at an example of negative reinforcement with all four parts of the contingency in mind. There are also many examples of negative reinforcement in practice (with varying degrees of effectiveness), including: Removing strict parental controls on the internet or tv when a child proves herself responsible enough to handle more mature content. Examples of Negative Reinforcement. Estimated time to complete: 3 hours . Remember, Reinforcement = increasing behavior and Punishment = decreasing behavior. You then take a shower to get rid of the bad smell and the yucky sweat on your bodies. Example # 4 : Une femme qui se plaint constamment à son mari de la façon dont elle doit prendre les trois bus pour aller travailler et quand il lui achète une voiture d'occasion, arrête de se plaindre. Examples of negative reinforcement. Dans l'exemple précédent, lorsque l'homme réalise le besoin de sa femme, une voiture l'empêche de se plaindre, c'est un renforcement négatif. Some common examples of negative reinforcement in our daily life are – Generally, people leave for their workplace a bit early on Mondays to avoid the morning rush of traffic. Negative reinforcement is about taking away a negative to reward your dog for doing a behavior you want to reinforce. A child is told to clean the living room, he cleans the living room [behavior] and is then allowed to play video games [reinforcer]. SD. Examples of Negative Reinforcement. Negative reinforcement takes away a stimulus when a positive behavior happens. A young child is crying. 6 Examples of Negative Reinforcement in Practice. An Example of Negative Reinforcement. The stimulus is usually something the dog doesn’t want (negative). Taking a shower or a bath is a good example of negative reinforcement. Examples of Positive Reinforcement in Everyday Situations. Rubric. You like the feeling of freshness and cleanliness after the shower, and therefore, you will likely repeat this action after you … Being late for work is a negative outcome that a person has been able to avoid with the help of negative reinforcers. It’s meant to reinforce a behavior.