Multi-pitch trad climbing enthusiasts flock from across the globe to enjoy the best Eldorado Canyon Climbing. The most common practice is to reschedule your climbing to a more favorable day or suitable location nearby, if it exists. Layers are best and don’t wear jeans. Depending on your skill level, you’ll spend some time on the ground learning about equipment, leading a pitch, route finding, rope handling and belay station management, before tackling one of Eldo’s classic routes. Using our tech-savvy, we make it super easy to find and book adventures worth tackling, with guides worth booking, all gathered from the first-hand experiences of the locals who adventure in these amazing locations. There’s also plenty of beginner routes to learn and sharpen skills on. Guides will review and practice safe belaying techniques, teach you how to communicate effectively while climbing, and go over various climbing movements. Contact us if you’d like more information on a specific adventure. Development of this platform was partially funded by EU. Climbing days can be arranged for bigger groups. If climbing the Bastille Crack is a the top of your list be prepared for an early start! Let us know prior to booking and we will make sure to accommodate the size of your group. If there are individual skills or goals you’d like to work on during your climb, you can discuss objectives with your guide — they’re always willing to accommodate. On the rare occasion of truly bad weather, your instructor will present you with suitable alternatives. There are amazing features and cracks on … Redgarden Wall is the tallest in the canyon sitting over 700 feet above the river and provides incredible multi-pitch climbing. If you’re an outdoor climber, safety and self-rescue skills are essential. So don’t let your perceived lack of strength keep you away from rock climbing — you’ve got what it takes. This intensive one-day clinic will cover all the basics — teaching you how to use equipment, mitigate risks and make safe decisions in rescue situations. As you can imagine, talented and knowledgable guides will also know the “off the radar” climbing to dodge the crowds. Equipment List. You’ll need: Here’s a list of the equipment we suggest you bring: Dress comfortably and for the weather in clothes you can move in. Learn the techniques needed for leading single and multi-pitch climbs with Eldorado Canyon as your classroom. All the technical climbing equipment required for this outing is included. Get some fresh air while gaining some vertical, and leave feeling ready for your next climbing adventure. Multi-pitch climbing is a maximum ratio of 3:1. Routes typically involve intricate and devious face climbing, interspersed with dihedrals and discontinuous, irregular cracks, where traditional … Time and Place. Rock climbing is more than just a sport; it’s problem solving on-the-go. 57hours is an open platform that connects you with trained and certified outdoor adventure professionals all over the world. With us, it’s all play and no work for you! This trip meets in Eldorado Canyon. Some of the countries hardest rock climbs were at one time established on the stunning canyon walls. With great intro climbs to some of Colorado’s most epic pitches, Eldo is host to more variety than almost any other single venue. Whether you’ve never donned a harness or you’re a seasoned climber, a guide will help you meet your individual objectives. You’ll gain insider planning, expert safety skills and upgrade techniques, so you can soak up the climbing that Eldo has to offer. Soaring routes with fantastic positioning have earned classic status. Kids younger than 11 can easily go out and try climbing, but only in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. This two-day course will cover the fundamentals of lead climbing, including gear selection, gear placement, and the dynamics of lead climbing systems. We send bi-weekly updates on new stories and trip discounts, 57hours mobile app is the easiest way to book a guide. An experienced, local rock climbing guide with extensive knowledge of the area, Harness with a locking carabiner, belay device, and chalk bag, Rock shoes* (included in the price, but we recommend bringing your own if you have them), Climbing hardware (quickdraws, cam devices, stoppers, etc. Many routes have short pitches with comfortable belays making a great classroom for impromptu rope management or anchoring lessons.