How crazy is it that Pepsi Zero in a 2-liter bottle has 100 milligrams more than Mountain Dew? Interestingly enough, if you up the size it by a half-liter and you get a 100-milligram boost of caffeine. Let’s take a closer look: 63.3 Family. 1 L 12 (Regular Mountain Dew) Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, concentrated orange juice and other natural flavors, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), caffeine, sodium citrate, gum arabic, erythorbic acid (preserves freshness), calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor) and brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5. There are two different sized bottles that Pepsi Zero comes in. Each of them contains 90 milligrams of caffeine. You probably are. I'm the owner and blogger here at SodaPopCraft.Com. Besides caffeine, Mountain Dew contains a high amount of sugar. But what if you consume too much caffeine. Gatorade got its start in Florida and gained popularity as an official sports drink for many professional sports, including Football, Soccer, and Nascar. Available from Amazon / Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, Charged Original Dew, 16 fl oz. One can of Pepsi contains 37.5 milligrams of caffeine. However, it is also important to remember that Mountain Dew contains 46.00 grams of sugar. There are two different sized bottles that Pepsi Zero comes in. Pepsi Zero is one of the sugar-free alternatives to regular Pepsi. Interestingly enough, if you up the size it by a half-liter and you get a 100-milligram boost of caffeine. As you notice, the caffeine strength in Pepsi is considerably lower compared to Mountain Dew. That’s about 18 milligrams more compared to a 2-liter bottle, even though they are roughly the same size. This should not be confused with Diet Pepsi. Caffeine (mg) Surprised? Coffee, meanwhile, has between 80 and 175 milligrams per 8-ounce serving, which equates to between 10 and 21.9 milligrams of caffeine per ounce. A 16 ounce can of Pepsi Zero comes in at 92 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine (mg) Caffeine Informer is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and may receive a portion of revenues if you purchase a product using a link on this site. 50 Compared to other drinks, this means the caffeine levels of Diet Mountain Dew are MODERATE. The caffeine content in Diet Mountain Dew is 54 mg per 12.00 fl. I'm a soft drinks enthusiast amd I'm bringing you all I know and research from the world of Soda Pop & Kombucha soft drinks. Now, let’s take a look at what you can get in bottles. Fountain sodas will also come in different sizes. AND if you do want to pick up some more mountain dew then you can get a case here on Amazon. While Mountain Dew had long maintained a reputation of being a very highly caffeinated beverage, Pepsi Zero seems to topple it in terms of the levels and strength of caffeine. Previously, in several countries outside the US, Mountain Dew contained no caffeine. 90 But those are just the cans. However, it was reported that at the beginning of 2012, places like Canada now sell caffeinated mountain dew as the principle product. Interestingly enough, if you up the size it by a half-liter and you get a 100-milligram boost of caffeine. Compared to that with regular Pepsi that has far less caffeine compared to both its sugar-free counterpart and Mountain Dew. oz can. 310: Panera Coffee, Light Roast: 16 oz. But how much caffeine is exactly in it? In a 2 liter bottle, you get well over triple the amount. Contains very low sodium & sugar free. 16 Mountain Dew is a popular carbonated drink made by PepsiCo. Also, it is important to remember that Diet Mountain Dew contains 0 mg of sugar. 12 Caffeine (mg) Dunkin' Donuts Coffee with Espresso Shot : 20 oz. 92 Its 16-ounce counterpart will have 13 milligrams more of caffeine, topping it to around 50 milligrams. Let’s get started by taking a look at how much 12 and 16 ounce cans contain along with the various size of bottles. If you are drinking a 32-ounce large fountain soda of Mountain Dew, you’ll be taking in roughly the same amount of caffeine compared to a 1-liter bottle since it’s slightly the same size. 2 L 104 Available from Amazon / Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Kickstart, 16 Fl Oz (12 Count) Mountain Dew contains 4.50 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (15.22mg/100 ml). So how much caffeine is in a can or bottle of. Sounds pretty crazy considering a lot of people assume that Mountain Dew is jam-packed with caffeine. What surprises many people is the level of caffeine in Mountain Dew - at 54mg it is significantly higher than Coca-cola. Available from Amazon / Mountain Dew. For an adolescent, one can will likely be enough since it will reach their daily limit.