Determine the minimum molecular mass of the protein. Write the formula of the compound; and iii). Give your answer to... A mystery compound X2CO3 has been identified to possess a molecular weight of 106.00 g/mol. To follow that recipe, how many grams of LiCl should you add to your flask? How many moles are in 6.84 grams of this substance? How many moles are in 25.0 grams of water? How many moles are present in 0.5 grams of HNO_3 (H = 1, N = 14, O = 16). Calculate the molar mass of the acid. How many atoms of O are in 64.0 grams of O2? a. For the substance tin (IV) sulfide: i). How many carbon atoms are there in a diamond (pure carbon) of mass 52 mg? a. Phosphorus chloride b. Monophosphorus chloride c. Phosphorus pentachloride d. Phosphorus pentachlorate. We only index and link to content provided by other sites. Show your setup and calculate the molar mass of the compound. For the substance iron (III) phosphide: i). If the gas behaves as an ideal gas, how much should the ga... Do you have to find the atomic mass in order to know the molar mass? Calculate the mass of copper contained in 1.855 grams of copper(I) chloride. How many carbon atoms are there in pure carbon with a mass of 52 mg? 110.6 g/mol b. The molar mass of nitroglycerin is: A) 65 g/mole B) 227 g/mole C) 309 g/mole D) 398 g/mole, Number of moles of CO_2 present in 24 grams of carbon is: A) 0.5 \\B) 1 \\C) 2 \\D) 0.25. 8.4 moles c. 7.1 moles d. 14 moles e. 17 moles, How many moles are there in a sample of 2.55 x 1022 sodium atoms? Taking too long? [{Blank}] g/L. Explain. Consider the molecule Fe2O3, more commonly known as rust. A student was asked to prepare 400.0 mL of 0.0600 mol/L acidic iron(II) chloride solution that was to be used later to standardize permanganate solutions for use in titration experiments. Relative atomic mass (rounded to the nearest whole number): Ca = 40, C = 12, O = 16. use C12H22O11 for the general chemical formula of sugar. What is the mass of a single silver atom? Write the formula of the compound; and iii). What is the mass in grams of the sample? Assume that the vo... How many grams are in 1.2 moles of (NH4)3PO3? Identify the unknown element X. How many... What is the difference between a molecular mass, molar mass, and atomic mass? a. H2 + O2 arrow H2O. Taking too long? What is the mass of 3 moles of caffeine? Assume ideal behavior. How many chloride ions are present? What is the most likely molecular formula of this compound? Determine the number of molecules of gas in the container. (Answer in integers and units one lette... What is the mass, in grams, of 0.947 moles of N_2H_4? A. 16.5 grams C. 21.4 grams D. 8.54 grams E. none of the above. Calculate the moles of sodium carbonate, Na2CO3, present in 129 kg. HINT: The molar mass of (NH4)2CO3 is 96.11 g/mol. Once you find your worksheet(s), you can either click on the pop-out icon or download button to print or download your desired worksheet(s). How many moles are in a 49.4-gram sample of CaSO4? a. The density of copper is 8900 {\rmkg/m^3}. Free Worksheets for Teachers and Students, Some of the worksheets below are Molar Mass Worksheet and Key Answer Key, learn the 3 useful steps to find the molar mass of any compound with several interesting activities and exercises like calculate the molar masses of KOH, H20, …. Calculat... A 0.100 mol sample of XOF_3 weighs 10.4 g. Identify element X. Calculate the grams of solute in 249 mL of 0.020 M Fe2(SO4)3. Calculate the number of moles of benzoic acid in the student's sample. What is the molar mass of Al(ClO2)3? What is the mass of argon in the container? 2HNO3(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) arrow Ba(NO3)2(aq) +... A sample of aluminum chloride (AlCl3) has a mass of 37.2 grams. 361 degree C b... What is the empirical formula of a compound that is 14.49% C by mass and 85.51% Cl by mass? 159.62 g/mol B. Calculate the following quantities. A sample of an alkali metal contains 2.984 x 1022 atoms. How many grams of sugar is 4.9 mole of sugar? A diamond contains 7 \times 10^{21} atoms of carbon. 1 less than 2 less than 3 less than 4 B. a) 1.50 g of NH_3 b) 2.00 g of S c) 1.75 g of PF_3 d) 1.50 g of Cl_2. How many moles of atoms are in each sample? A student measures out 308 mg of benzoic acid on a digital balance. Calculate the moles present in 9.28 grams of NaOH. What are the units for the molar mass of oxygen and nitrogen? A. Which has the greatest number of moles? Calculate the amount of each reactant required to produce 100 kg of Na3PO4 assuming 100% conversion. What is the molar mass of Mg3(PO4)2, a substance formerly used in medicine as an antacid? Some Rights Reserved |. 139.99 g/mol B. (NH4)2S c. Ca(ClO3)2 d. Fe(OH)2 e. K(NO3)2. Avogadro's number is 6.02 x 1023 atoms per mole. A student prepares a weak acid solution by dissolving 0.2300 grams of HZ to give 100 mL of solution. 0.093 C. 0.028 D. 363.75. Using the molar mass, what is the identity of this alkali metal? What is the mass of 20.0 L of gaseous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at STP? A new coordination complex Zr(CHO2)4 for radio medicine PET imaging using 89Zr(IV) (atomic mass = 88.91) was synthesized. How many grams are in 1.25 moles of KMnO_4? How many moles of isopropanol are contained in this sample? A laboratory group measures an excess of a volatile liquid. The molar weight of oleic acid is 282 g/mol. Explain how you calculated this value. Identify as molecular, ionic, or acid; ii). How many moles of vanadium are there in 7.53 g of vanadium? Taking too long? Example: What is the molar mass of calcium carbonate (CaCO 3)? 39.1 grams B. True or false? Sometime nitrogen concentrations in polluted fresh water reach 10.0 parts per million, which is considered unsafe. Calculate the mass of 1.000 mole of CaCl2 2. b. The molecular mass of K2SO4 is 175.3 g/mol. Calculate the number of grams of solute that would be needed to make 2.50 times 102 mol of 0.100 M NaBr. What is the molecular weight of chloroform? a) 60.0 g/mol b) 106.0 g/mol c) 118.0 g/mol d) 141.0 g/mol. If about 47,000 metric tons of sulfuric acid is industrially produced every year in a U.S. state, how many moles are produced? Consider the molecule Fe2O3, commonly known as rust. How many moles are in 24.5 grams of CaCO3? What is the density of the gas, in grams/liter, under these conditions? Calculate the number of moles of the compound in 15.8 grams of Fe(ClO4)3. Its volume is 124 mL at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 763 mmHg. 4 c. 8 d. 16. The molar mass of a substance is the mass of one mole of the substance. 3 grams C. 18 grams C. 36 grams, How many moles of AICl3 are present in 3.75 grams of AlCl3? How many moles are present in 6.00 grams of H2O? Calculate the molar mass of the gas. An organic compound has a density of 1.43 g/l at STP . The temperature in Celsius is known to two significant figures. The molar masses are 17 g/mol, 58 g/mol, and 24 g/mol for Aa, Bb, and Cc, respectively. What is the percent composition of Hg in the compound ? Calculate the molar mass of potassium hydrogen phthalate, KHP (HKC8H4O4). How many grams of BF3 is this? Calculate the formula weight of aluminum in KAl(SO4)2 12H2O. Look up the relative atomic masses of the atoms in calcium carbonate and work out the molar mass (molecular weight) of calcium carbonate, accounting for the number of each type of atom. Reload document | Open in new tab Download [87.12 KB], If you found these worksheets useful please check out Valence Electrons Practice Worksheets Answer Key | Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheets | Stoichiometry Worksheets with Answer Keys | Fossil Fuels Worksheets Middle School | Fossil Fuels Worksheets Middle School | Isomers and Polymers Worksheets | Acids And Alkalis Worksheets with Answers. Copyright Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. What is the mass of 7.50 moles of magnesium chloride, MgCl2? © 2020 How many grams of carbon are in 12 grams of sucrose? Taking too long? 2.3 \times 10^{-3} mol of Sb b. Calculate moles in 168.0 g of HgS 6. If the scientist uses the data, what is the calculated molar mass of the gas?