2. 10 Ways Medical Practices and Hospitals Use Sortly’s Medical Inventory Management Software Doctors’ offices, medical practices and hospitals have many goals, but … These techniques are as follows: (a) Return on Investment. This QMMP publication was sponsored by the following: Adventist Health System ... Central to the approach are such techniques as setting specifications for a process, monitoring performance against ... form which modern medicine flows. Why Planning is So Important in a Modern Healthcare Organization By Nirosha Reddy Articles 0 Comments Do the administrators and managers in your healthcare organization dedicate enough time and energy to planning? Modern Techniques: Modem techniques are those techniques which are very new in management world. A very effective and simple Management Technique is to adapt to situations. management toots of choice for hospitals. These techniques provide various new aspects for controlling the activities of an organisation. Use of modern management techniques in the medical field is relatively a recent development and … Authors S Kant 1 , C S Pandaw, L M Nath. A management technique for effective management of medical store in hospitals. Use of liquid medical oxygen (LOX) at hospitals has become increasingly common in the present day situation chiefly due to economic considerations as also promising intangible benefits. (b) … Medical store management technique J Acad Hosp Adm. 1996 Jul-1997 Jan;8-9(2-1):41-7. Contemporary Management Techniques refer to the fact that how a management of the company establishes its procedures and methods to manage the company in a more effective and efficient way.