Lastly, this series is great for spinal support while giving minimal pressure points, so it can reduce any aches you may have. Do also read our other buying guides too. One of the more affordable mattresses in Malaysia, the. With its Outlast technology fabric cover, the mattress regulates heat and temperature, so you get more comfortable sleep even during the warmest nights. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. This is our little home on the web to share it all with you! But what makes this mattress one of the best is its horse hair layer. Price: Visit site for more details. Happily married for 3 years & counting, we have shared passions for weddings, travel and lifestyle. We definitely found in it the key feature of giving enough support for our back and spine. It features an aloe vera layer for a breathable and comfortable top layer, while also being anti-bacterial, fungus and dust mite. This SpinaRez mattress also has excellent air ventilation thanks to its 360 degree 4D mesh fabric, keeping it fresh and dry throughout. They have a good collection of mattresses ranging from classic offerings to more premium iterations. That’s more than 100 years ago! In terms of firmness, it has just the right amount that is not too soft or too hard. Plus, its Miracoil spring system offers great support for your back and spine. Origin is a Singaporean … Its Twin Talalay Latex Layer is designed for excellent body support and healthy sleep, while the 3-inch pillow top and 4-inch plush top enhances sleep comfort. is one of the best memory foam mattresses in Malaysia. Embark on this magical journey with us! We’d love to hear from you. Affordable, Quality Mattress For Everyone in Malaysia Get a good night’s sleep with help from the mattress specialists. The Bonnell Spring system is made for the optimal firmness and support for your body throughout the night. They started Joey Mattress to create an alternative. Check out the Mylatex Rio Mattress, best known for its 100% natural latex material which has been tested and certified by international labs. Your back can rest easy because it helps protect natural spine alignment. This model is made from materials that inhibit dust mites, bacteria and fungus. Fella Design. Furthermore, its Pocket Spring design works individually as snug support for your body and minimize movement transfers. They have a wide variety of mattresses that ranges from pocket spring, memory foam, traditional spring, and even Latex. Another great thing about Sonno Mattress is that their foam provides universal support. Disclosure: All opinions remain the writer’s own. Feeling hot sleeping on your current mattress? We also like its 7-turn posture spring system that gives additional back support and better air circulation to avoid the sweltering heat. Individual barrel-shaped pocket coil spring. They can ensure that their customers will have a great night sleep after buying their mattresses. A … This mattress features a synthetic layer and Stelapudic spring intended for the most efficient support possible. If you are experiencing back issues from sleeping, you may want to check out the Dr. Alstone Stelapudic Mattress Tilam. They offer mattresses of all sizes that are made with the perfect combination of memory foam, foam, and pocket springs that guarantees a mattress that will take your pains away. One of the more popular and affordable mattresses in Malaysia with over 500 great reviews on Lazada, the ECOlux Zucca utilises its innovative ECOFoam technology to maximize the durability of its compressed and reinforced foam for a long-lasting and comfortable mattress. Affordability and great back support makes the Kuaile Vono Ortho Saver a must-have bed in Malaysia. One of the more affordable mattresses in Malaysia, the SpinaRez CareRest Mattress offers pretty good features for a medium firm mattress at a very reasonable price. It is also a great place to compare the prices of the mattress in Malaysia. Click here to get started. First off, it’s the only mattress on this list that has the Biocare electromagnetic shield, together with nano technologic yarns. The memory foam layer allows for excellent air ventilation to keep your mattress fresh and simultaneously provides great support. They’ve invested time in collaborating with the Orthopaedic Advisory Board to ensure that each of their mattresses are scientifically good for you. We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Mattresses in Malaysia will help you to buy the best mattress in Malaysia for your home. A great local brand that can rival even the international names deserves a spot on this list of the best mattresses in Malaysia. Furniture Direct takes their customers seriously when it comes to mattresses. Feeling hot sleeping on your current mattress? Origin is one of the best value for money mattresses in Malaysia. It is also a great place to compare the prices of the mattress in Malaysia. Its Hypercool™ cooling technology also provides efficient heat dissipation via its high-density, high rebound memory foam. We like that this mattress also comes with a honeycomb individual pocketed spring system so that you don’t disturb anyone sleeping next to you with your movements. A customer’s quality of life will indeed improve once they secure a Napure mattress! Both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, it is specially designed to provide excellent contouring support and relieve pressure points for added comfort, while also gently conforming to your movements. may be a great choice to consider. Featuring an individual barrel-shaped pocket coil spring system, this contours perfectly to your body for maximum comfort. Sonno also uses materials that inhibit the build-up of mold, fungus and dust mites. Looking for a good latex mattress in Malaysia? For over 30 years Fella Design has been furnishing the living rooms of Malaysians. For a mattress that lets us stay cool in the middle of hot weather, the Slumberland TempSmart 3.0 1600 Elle is one of the best mattresses for a good night’s sleep. The top layer is made from premium high-quality knitted fabric that is soft, comfortable and allows for minimum disturbance.