endstream endobj 427 0 obj <>stream Your LiftMaster MyQ Garage 821LM model garage door opener features a Wi-Fi hub to allow for convenient wireless access. the Wi-Fi Setup card) prior to installing this product. tablet or PC. Press and hold the learn button (side) for 6 … liftmaster.com. The Blue LED will blink. PRE-INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS † Compatible Garage Door Openers: - LiftMaster® with purple, yellow, green, or orange LEARN button (310, 315, and 390 MHz) (Chamberlain, Do … † See the “LiftMaster MyQ™ Quick Start Guide” for instructions for the connection of your LiftMaster® Internet Gateway to the Internet.You MUST use a computer for this step; you cannot create an account from a mobile device. ��s�^IkL�L����n�V�� Learn about the 821LMB myQ Smart Garage Hub from LiftMaster. endstream endobj 428 0 obj <>stream FL!�= ; Page 2: Program Door Sensor To Wi-Fi Hub PROGRAMMING PROGRAM THE DOOR SENSOR TO THE WI-FI HUB Plug in the Wi-Fi Hub. † Wi-Fi Hub Serial Number (located on the bottom of the Wi-Fi hub or with the Wi-Fi Setup card) For more information about compatible garage door openers, visit myLiftMaster.com. b-�����fV90n�0 ~c$ź}f���} 0����^"n���[email protected]�W�n�\(l���� 2) Plug in the Wi-Fi Hub. Control your garage door from anywhere and stop worrying. Page 1 Wi-Fi connection and (310, 315, and 390 MHz) (Chamberlain, Do-It, Master Mechanic, Raynor, allow you to remotely monitor and control the status of your door using a smartphone, True Value and Sears Craftsman are compatible with LiftMaster technology.) 3) Make sure internet connected device’s Wi-Fi settings are on. 425 0 obj <>stream MZ1%o�-y�&�+:�%J>�fܚ��h7ؒ��ҟ�r�X�|�?�R�ې��܀�RS ���bz�ө����zx�u�_9� �1)���G��T~��j� t�����)�v����LȽ�qV������!�ueIcU9�Aˬ׀��4R�L,�f�u�����B������;���j#2��r����ɺ都����?l�xIE��'�|��~w�gM\F���A}�)�{�"DC�j�e�`�m�ԻlH>?N8c�RD(�n��@s����u�pY�q(�I�P�6�m�jδ��:�N�n��Vw���[email protected]��E�n#� �~����5{c�\�-��1��җ��;�F2�P�������~?��n&������B��:- ����j&�:�Y�>�lU2��o�3>�����n;)�%� �^��3\m��\�v���Фxz�_����ga������5Z-���" `���[+ r�Nb�7�\��gE}�a�*�t�|���� PS��Y"��ԐnJ[d+��i�m�-��t�����b��EġBj~�"�i 4������Pk��=XjX�-��)�(P�i��_�������tOiLΐ. For a full manual, please visit www. �&�:�E���戉?�nY��4�{�b���"�(�,su�Ԯ�M���rʾ5�Ȁ����Z��n��#��IJ(� ����-[�FF��z��]���Ë �WQؠ�P��NWŀ�)LfN��ތMX��L�5,�K��S�h��3d�����(�A��Q���v���$u"���j�%��!jo���K�ߺԼ6�b+c�{�㖮:k7th/E��$����I�y��!� ���]��ޒ6��������O��h{�.r��h6q���h��feͭ�ZH�UG� �A[�A�k�jP����5��nz�ή�vp ���p,J\gQ�5.��L�w| ��B�"�E7�t�����3��H�92��s—��|��qV�w��r�;�R�)��uSJ������#�Z���#8‚ f������\���j���6K֢.�kӵ����Z��*S��-Ώ���u`b"���� R����|Ŀġ���R���]!�� A smart garage hub can add smartphone control to most major garage door opener brands with photo eyes. Ǹ�fx���m߄���i��a�r:��h~ Go to www.myliftmaster.com to create an … LED Model 821LM UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE GARAGE DOOR CONTROLLER MyQ Garage™ myLiftMaster.com NOT SHOWN: Installation Guide and Wi-Fi Setup Card for the customer In some cases, the hub can become inactive and may need to be reset — or you may want to connect your hub to a new router. Use the down arrow and select Wi-Fi Setup by tapping the side arrow > OR Use the down arrow and scroll down to select Wi-Fi Setup by tapping the side arrow > Lift the button cover and press and release the learn button. endstream endobj 426 0 obj <>stream 3 - Setup Wi-Fi on the MyQ® Garage Wi-Fi Hub Method 1: Using Internet Connected Device 1) Make note of the home Wi-Fi’s network name and its associated security key/password. %PDF-1.6 %����