Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Eigenlijk is dit gewoon een heel fijn bier. Sparkling water with hoppy bitter aftertaste. Poor, cheap brew. Taste is rather similar with sweetish malty flavours. It seems no adjuncts were used. ), This amber, Amber Ale Beer of the Year, made me want to pour it down the sink. It isn’t hard to find when you know what to look for; other craft beer drinkers put the pieces together sooner than I did. The price is awesome too. And completely different recipes they are. Pale golden body. Leichter pink stich, schaum is ok, im Geruch Grapefruit citrus etwas muffig, genauso im Geschmack dazu leicht säuerlich, eigentlich kein Bier zu merken, naja. Transparent label with the name of the beer and the silhoutte of a cactus. But weird. As a devoted craft beer drinker, part of me was outraged — especially when I found out that the Brewer’s Storehouse No. A: cardboard tape, T: minimal carbonation, thin body, light malt, light bitter, Perlenbacher Radler Grapefruitgeschmack naturtrüb, Meidän Veikko Hitaasti Kypsynyt Tumma Lager. Sweetish. Goud geel bier met een sterke witte schuimkraag. Limpide dorée pale. 33 cl transparent bottle from Lidl, Lygten, Kbh. Trüb aorange Farbe. Amber is one of those styles that’s hard to wow, though. Очень ровный и приятный вкус. bonne équilibre sucré/amertume/alcool. And so worth it. NV. Sweetish. It is decidedly not like any of them, to the detriment of the Lidl name. Fles van lokale Lidl. — but a confidentiality agreement with Lidl kept them from answering my questions. Pours clear yellow with a medium-sized white head. Light sourish notes. One RateBeer reviewer described the taste as “a bit of cardboard in the hop profile with vegetable finish.” (The fact he goes on to say, “Pretty decent bargain IPA” left me perplexed.). Golden colour with a thin white head. Brewers: Concerned about quality assurance? Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for an amber that day, so I tried it again a few weeks later. Natch. Until a … Light body, expected even lighter. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I might get this again if I’m in Lidl and see it, but it doesn’t hold water (or beer) to the next one. Drinkable and not all that bad. Dangerous — and this one’s at 8.6% ABV. Aroma of old malt, papery, skunk. Overall, it is a bit tasteless, and any taste you do get is bittersweet and lacking in flavouring. Ook is er een klein bloemetje en bittertje te vinden. w ustach wytrawne. Moderate carbonation. kolor złoty, klarowny, piana biała, średnio obfita i średnio trwała. ( Log Out /  I’ll definitely go back to Lidl for this beer specifically. Veggie hint as it warms. The Artisan’s Craft Brewing Company in Vint Hill, VA, is just another name for Old Bust Head Brewing, the only brewery in Vint Hill. Auch im Geschmack sehr süss. Pours deep reddish brown with a beige head. Like the Hop Blast, this Black IPA is not comparable to what Foothills makes under their own name, but that doesn’t make it bad. Aroma is grain, corn and cooked vegetable such as carrot. Gemiddelde weizener met licht weeïge toon, doch aantrekkelijk oranje troebel uiterlijk met lichte schuimkop. Mild and bit watery overall. Dark royal blue and golden can with three stars and a "Premium Quality" tagline to convince me I am drinking a beer from the top shelf. Aftertaste is sweetish. Shared with prof. Bekić. Strong carbonation. 2000- A slightly Hazy golden beer with a white head. Sweet pale malts, bread. w smaku dość wytrawne, lekkie słody, sporo ziół, trochę kurzu ale raczej w spoko wydaniu. Aroma is moderately intense with a sweet, malty odor mingling with light sour grainy notes. I might not go back to Lidl specifically for this beer, but if I’m in there and they have it, I’ll definitely get it. If you like any, let me know and I’ll add it to the wish list! It’s too sweet. Add A Place 04 was a six-pack at the same price), making it the most expensive of the bunch, but still less than $10. It’s a nice IPA to drink at the end of the day, but don’t go crazy. Copenhagen 21/11 2020. 04.11.20. Light body, expected even lighter. Bubbly. Zoet, suikers, caramel, wat chocolade, licht plakkerig, fruitje. Was hat der liebe Ato denn da mal wieder aufgegabelt? Light cardboard note as it warms. het bier smaakt zoet en sterk naar mout. Quite generic and what Douglas Adams would call "Mostly Harmless". Aroma is medium intense with a sweet and malty odor. Clear golden, small off-white head. I’d been wanting to hit up Lidl since it came to our town last summer, but aside from the novelty of a new grocery store (which is pretty much the same as Aldi), I didn’t have a huge reason to go. 0.5 l can. Ne echte Limo. Performance in new markets. Lingers shortly. Add A Brewer (Those scheming marketers.). Can. 04, mentioning pine and citrus, so I thought they’d be similar, if not nearly identical. I even enjoyed Foothills Malt Shaker at the Carolina Renaissance Festival last year. Aroma has roasted malts, cooked vegetables and a hint of raisins. Fort arome herbeux/flora. 33cl Can @ Lidl Supermarket, Seville, Spain. ), won the New York International Beer Competition. You might think a generic IPA from Foothills is gonna be like one of their existing brands: Hoppyum, Jade, any of the number of Craft Happiness beers they’ve made. Golden colour with a thin white head. Hardly any aroma, metallic and watery. ( Log Out /  Professional writer and drinker. Bad weird. January 19, 2019 Kat Bodrie Taste Test: Lidl Beer I’d been wanting to hit up Lidl since it came to our town last summer, but aside from the novelty of a new grocery store (which is pretty much the same as Aldi), I didn’t have a huge reason to go. Very moderate lacing. Fizzy, low bitterness. ( Log Out /  Vegetable finish? Despite the low price ($6.99 for a six-pack), I will never buy it again. The amber be damned. can @ lidl (győr) red colour, normal body, average carbonated, no head, sweet sour cherry aroma, sweet taste, easy to drink. Add An Event, Add Premium Классика! Пшеничное пиво сварено для сети супермаркетов LIDL. Can. Grass. (Trader José, anyone?). Join me for an erudite pint on Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. at Beer Growler in Winston-Salem. 0,5l Dose. Mild to medium bitter finish. There’s even more listed on this RateBeer page. By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 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