Easy-to-find ground pork… But if you’re hungry for Korean food, Gochujang Pork Bowls are an easy, tasty way to satisfy your craving — FAST! www.theamusedbouche.com/2015/04/14/gochujang-pork-tenderloin The end result will be a succulent, rich, flavorful, juicy heap of spicy-sweet Gochujang Pork that tastes good with EVERYTHING! Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. Then a blast under the broiler guarantees all those crispy, caramelized bits. How do you use gochujang? Korean BBQ: rice, lettuce wraps, Ssam Sauce When buying gochujang, some brands carry a hot version and a mild version. This is the wok that I use and recommend. I didn’t grow up eating it. You can use gochujang in a variety of Korean dishes as a marinade for meat dishes like spicy pork bulgogi, or in sauces such as bibimbap or bibim noodles. If you love spicy foods, look for one that says “hot” or “spicy” on the label. Crock Pot Korean Gochujang Pork is crazy tender and slightly sweet, smoky, and a little spicy. You will LOVE it! We mix it with soy sauce and sake to round out the flavor and add complexity. It's a super easy dinner recipe that can be served as a main, or on pizza, noodles, tacos, and more. 5 lb. Disclaimer: This is not authentic Korean food. Gochujang works best in sauces and marinades that get slathered over meats, like these grilled pork belly kebabs. Pork ribs marinated with the pefect blend of Korean flavors cooked nice and slow. All that gochujang flavor. You’ll want to toss the pork with the marinade and let it sit for about an hour before skewering. Korean pork belly ingredients: Gochujang(spicy chili paste) Gochugaru (spicy Korean chili flakes) Agave or brown sugar; Mirin; Low sodium soy sauce; Garlic; Cooking oil (I used avocado oil) Green onion for garnish; Besides the ingredients, you will need a medium-sized pot and good quality wok. How to eat Slow Cooker Gochujang Pork: Basic: rice, steamed veg or salad or kimchi. I’ve yet to see it in a Korean restaurant. My Halmoni never made it for me.