Jason also was blinded by rage for Batman leaving him to die, as shown when he caused Scarecrow's toxin machine to be dismantled by Batman's Batmobile. Even though it is imaginary, he takes some satisfaction in changing the past. Jason's helmet or "hood" provides a moderate degree of protection. As this event is considered to be the very few that has made an impact on Bruce's mentality and thoughts about the general concept of Robin. The group ventures through the chamber and they get attacked by a giant monster. Bruce relents, but with the stipulation that he will pull Jason out if he goes too far. Riding on the wave of his anger, he headed straight for Gotham City on a mission of revenge. Brother EYE was somehow assimilating the planet, and other heroes and criminals had been drawn into the crisis. According to the news, Quraci General Ahmed Hienle had just leveled the city where his political rivals where stationed. Jason was an A student, an excellent athlete, and he attracted the personal interest of Bruce Wayne. His mask contains a Radio Transmitter and Receiver as well as Night Vision. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They decide to stay and cover a person of interest, Mr. Through their travels, Jason encountered several versions of the Batman he knew, including everything from a vampire Batman to one who was a Russian terrorist. He was an angrier Robin who would sometimes use excessive force on the more vile criminals. The only skeptical area is how Red X has the same fighting style as Dick Grayson. After he finally aided Batman against Scarecrow, Jason took up the title of the Red Hood, a name that was used by the Joker prior to his transformation. Then he and Tim threw down against each other. Jason helps save both ladies and confronts Killer Croc for killing his parents. As Jason aims the gun, Bizarro tells him that even though he isn't perfect, Jason showed him the path to being better, and promises to try to be the best version of himself. Jason is soon chased by the League of Assassins and he ends up getting captured and to his surprise is treated kindly. As they fall, Artemis complains about using a plane that can't fly. Robin Despite Jason's insistence, Dick did not believe it. That would lead to a future confrontation between mentor and ward that would break Batman. He is also an expert in demolition, trained by a world-known and infamous bombs-expert in Russia, Jason can defuse bombs from advanced military types to improvised ones. But upon finding Ray, Bob turned on them and revealed he only used them to help him find and kill Ray for Solomon. The helmet reveals a hologram of The Joker who modified the helmet to do so. The bartend hands Jason a drink and warns him about the history and danger of the name Red Hood, and advises to be cautious, lest his namesake come for him. The painting itself shows Cain carrying Abel in a pose similar to Batman carrying Jason in A Death in the Family. Character ยป He then returned for Egon and killed the slaver. Eventually, Starfire comes out from her hotel room and the alien is introduced as Orn, one of Starfire's old friends from Tamaran. He proved more than willing to use guns and lethal force, and wherever he went, he left messages declaring "I Am Batman" so Gotham would know that the Batman had returned. Entering a lab more advanced than anything the Justice League can even afford, Roman explains how he heard about clone through scientists that he hired. He also admits his death was his own fault, he then walks away as the warehouse explodes. He explains he is only searching for a weapon, but Artemis is surprised that he doesn't understand that he is handing over a world destroying power. The next night, Jason Todd was meeting with Thomas Elliot, whom was operating under the guise of Hush. Jason Todd appeared very briefly on Beast Boy's board of Red X suspects. The Joker planted an acid bomb in the mask, leaving Jason in critical condition. She doesn't, only worried about killing Bizarro, but Jason tells her that she knows that despite her attitude, she worries about who might suffer if Black Mask isn't stopped and that's why she stayed in the city. The All Caste, which he had turned his back on to pursue his own path, had been brutally eliminated. Jason and Roy head outside where they see a huge explosion that matches Starfire's energy signature. Joker originally was the first one to don the red helmet and cape, but Jason Todd is the one who currently dons the alias so the connection is undeniable. With some convincing from Jason, she prepares to engage Akila with him. However, Jason possessed an explosive temper with numerous incidents of him going too far in his actions as Robin despite his natural talents and aptitude under Batman's guidance, with hints in his behavior that he might one day kill instead of using restraint. Todd is a professional and seasoned pilot too, trained by an ace pilot in middle east to control planes and helicopters ranging from military to civilian types with excellent proficiency. He did. However, she is still too powerful for him to stop. Red Hood replied sarcastically with: "How about you go to Hell!" The utility belt is larger and contains circular throwing discs. In the present, Jason is flying over a group of policemen on a motorcycle. Alfred, Arsenal, Starfire and Batman hold on to him and were shocked to see what happened to Jason Todd just before he left the Wayne Manor with his team. Jason Todd will be played by Curran Walters in this live-action adaptation of Titans. They fight off some creatures, but when a big one shows up, Jason saves them and he has no memory of them. Setting off a charge that derails the train, he instructs the henchmen to quickly get their quarry. Before she delivers a killing blow, Jason asks her about the weapon she is searching for. As they get caught in the melee, Jason tries to explain why he is fighting the Amazons: Akila lied about having the Bow of Ra. on 11/13/20 In searching for a way to control it, he unleashed a powerful evil: and he claims there is no stopping her. The initial version of Jason Todd had an origin that was a similar origin to the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Jason gets into a quick scrap in the bar and a cop comes to take he and Roy to the station. Batman #357-359 & Detective Comics #524-526. Done with making his big debut as the Red Hood, he tracked down the whereabouts of the Joker to some abandoned carnival fair ground. The memory turns out to be a night as Robin when he had the flu and Bruce stayed home to be with the ill Jason. It was at that moment that Jason decided that he needed to die. While Jason tries to pose, Batman remains as serious as ever. Fighting a homeless man who had attacked him, his moves were witnessed and recognized by a former hired thug he had fought as Robin. Returning to his base, he spends several days gathering intel on Black Mask. It was revealed that Jason took money from the seven crime families of Hong Kong to supply his resources. After his resurrection and return to Gotham, Jason used the guise of Red Hood. Artemis tells him that anyone other than him would be crazy. Before the Todds had left Waldo, a clown at the circus and friend of Dick, watches as the Todds ran off to follow Killer Croc's henchman. He also learns that his mother's name started with an "S." He found three names in his Father's address book and looked for them on the Batcomputer. However, Jason, feeling he owes her for her help, offers to help her. Preparing to execute him, Roman claims he won't end him because of his connection to Batman, and that the reason he wears the Bat-Symbol is so he can stay connected to Batman. It was felt that Batman worked best with a partner to regularly interact with, which was a role that Dick could no longer fill. Red Hood reveals to Joker that he knew Black Mask would be desperate enough to hire him to draw him out of Arkham. Jason wanted to kill Joker in public, but knew that he had to do it quickly. The inevitable soon came to pass. The two reach Grundy, but both are quickly defeated. Jason is met by Ducra in a dream world where he must make the choice of living in the past or letting go and going for the future. In the process of rescuing a woman, Jason witnessed the sudden death of the Joker's Daughter by a Monitor and the attempted intervention of a second Monitor.