In and out of the foster-care system, Jason began committing petty theft, such as stealing hubcaps. Vigilante Titans member (formerly) When Batman opens up the gift, it's the same watch, only this time it's ticking. Jason Todd's transformation out of the New 52 and into Rebirth is one of the best things going in DC. Once granted access into the home, Jason was automatically taken into an illusion, in which Dick killed Batman. In Robin's 80th Anniversary Special, a story focuses on a gift Jason Todd gave Batman that adds another heartbreaking element to their relationship. At the request of Bruce, he was taken under the care of Dick Grayson and became an official Titans affiliate. 4. Arriving in San Francisco, they acquainted themselves with the old Titans' base of operations.[3]. His uncle frequently took him to bars but his uncle's drunken antics had them kicked out on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, around 2012, Ray overdosed, leaving Jason to fend for himself. In the past, a young Jason explains to Batman that he's got him a gift for his birthday. At the age of eighteen, he attempted to steal the hubcaps off of the Batmobile but was stopped by Batman, who took him in and trained him as the new Robin.[1]. Zucco was defeated and the police promptly arrived at the scene. Turning on the news, they saw reports of a silver-haired girl, Rose Wilson, fleeing from police. However, Jason became annoyed when Gar properly hit him, leading to Dick stressing the importance of the exercise. Status Wearin' a mask. Before it could escalate, Dick intervened, but there was an explosion that stunned everyone in the location. You can help expand this section by. Bidding farewell to the others, Jason, along with Dick, Gar and Rachel headed to parts unknown. Next: The Batman Family's Under Attack From [SPOILER]'s SON, Liam McGuire is a comics editor for Screen Rant. The Star Wars Bounty Hunter Who Fights Like Marvel’s Iron Man, The X-Men's Most Pathetic Hero Took Down Marvel's Superman. Judd Winick (who penned the original Red Hood story), Dustin Nguyen, John Kalisz, and Steve Wands contribute the Red Hood story "More Time." "Together" In the present, an older Jason drops a small box on a batmobile. After this experience, despite his arrogant behaviour, he has revealed to have his limits. Civilian Jason's birthday is August 16th. Shot by an acid bullet, Jason made a remarkable recovery thanks to his suit's durable properties. Welcome to the third annual Jason Todd Birthday Week! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jason gifts Batman Thomas Wayne's old broken watch that he attempted to fix. After Jason died, under unknown circumstances, Tim Drake became his successor.3 Season 2 08. Summary: Jason Todd is 42 years old today because Jason's birthday is on 06/01/1978. Jason considers Roy Harper to be his best friend. He grabbed a stranger's drink and flirted with her, offering to buy her a new drink. For the Titans episode with the same, see Jason Todd. Summary: Jason Fuduloff is 40 years old today because Jason's birthday is on 04/13/1980.Before moving to Jason's current city of New Carlisle, OH, Jason lived in Dayton OH and Killeen TX. Before Dick could depart, Jason explained his true reason for being there, giving him files and autopsy reports that informed him on the death of his circus friends. For instance, Jason loves being Robin, thinking of it as the best job in the world and believes that it is Robin's duty to be a distraction for Batman's enemies. Jason A Todd are some of the alias or nicknames that Jason has used. The Clown Prince of Crime tortured Robin with a crowbar and then killed him by detonating a bomb. They made a quick stop at Bruce Wayne's, whereupon Bruce allowed them use of a Titans Tower so long as they took Jason. Jason was born to an unnamed man and woman who quickly neglected him and left him with his uncle Ray. First appearing in Batman #357 (March 1983), Todd was created to succeed Dick Grayson, the original Robin, as Batman's vigilante partner. Todd would later be resurrected and assume the mantle of Red Hood, a vigilante who wasn't afraid to kill to accomplish his goals.