After all, there are several racks in your oven, which seems perfect for several pizzas. A lot of science comes about from a person needing to achieve a goal. Just call Domino's and give the frozen one away. How do I cook a frozen pizza without an oven? A pizza can also cooked on a grill without needing a pan. Instead place the pizza directly on the oven racks and follow the cooking instructions. Observations Hypothesis . (bonus points for creativity) 47 comments. Why buy a frozen pizza if you don't have an oven? You cannot cook a frozen pizza on the stove top. 78% Upvoted. I did have a stove and some basic kitchen utensils. frozen pizza without oven? i'm wondering if anyone has heated the thing up completely in a microwave that has no convection setting. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You can nuke it, but it's going to get kind of tough. This thread is archived. save hide report. i have a pack of mccain frozen pizza, and the instructions say to either: 1) heat completely in oven or, 2) defrost in microwave, then heat in oven. There is other options and methods to bake a pizza without a pan. In my case, I was hungry, had a frozen pizza, but did not have an oven. To make pizza without an oven at home, start by getting some pre-made pizza dough from the grocery store and heating 1 teaspoon of cooking oil in a skillet over medium high heat. While the oil is heating, roll out your dough into a circle that's slightly smaller than your skillet. Usually frozen pizza’s will turn out really good this way but. How can I still prepare my love. neeki. Borrow the neighbor's oven, and split the pizza with her. Baking a couple of frozen pizzas at once may seem like a pretty easy task. You could make a campfire and cook it over that. You can bake most frozen pizzas without using a pan. So my oven is broken, I have a terrible case of the munchies, and one frozen Totino's frozen pizza. share. 1 decade ago. 1 3. sodapop7180.