Finally, replace the old blog name with new one and click on save changes. You want to find a topic that will generate interest, that will get your article shared, and for which you will be able to provide helpful insight to. My first title for this post is "How to choose the best title for new post that will be on top 1 on search engine results." Choose a Subject. Within your Wix Blog, what you choose for your blog title will automatically become your SEO title, so you don’t have to do a thing! And then, we can always use SEO plug-in like All in one SEO to customize the tag of our blog post to become like "“Blog Titles – How to Choose a Blog Title Using 3 Little Known Secrets. Steps for Creating Blog Post Titles 1. I believe that is a good title for this one. Blog Admin June 21st, 2011. That alone is a really interesting concept. I think the title “Top 3 Secrets to Choosing a Killer Title For Your Blog” will be a good example because it makes me curious right away. Click on blog title and go to the setting tab from left sidebar menu. The title of this blog tells readers that it will likely be an exploration of humans. Just make sure that it’s within the recommended length – about 65 characters max. Choosing the right topic for your blog post is one of the hardest parts of the blogging process. Choosing a completely random name might be a risky option, especially for your first blog when you’re relatively unknown. How to change URL of your blogger blog 18 comments | 2 shares Estimated reading time: 5 minutes. The title must contain the main idea that you want to share to your readers. Research your audience. 2 Shares. Your essential ‘how-to’ guide to choosing article titles. Humans of New York is a wildly popular social media series, blog, and book. It’s possible to choose a blog name that doesn’t have any obvious links to your blog topic, but is still memorable. Think "raising healthy kids," or "kitchen storage." Topics are very general and could yield several different blog posts. Search the title on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A working title, on the other hand, is very specific and guides the creation of a single blog … A best blog post title is an essential part of the blog writing as it shows the topic, problem, and solution altogether. A writer might look at either of those topics and choose to take them in very, very different directions. One example of this method is a popular travel blog called Melting Butter. Step-3: Now, click on edit text link button (Shown in the screenshot below) next to Tile displayed on top under basic heading. Let's take a look for this post as an example. But besides having an interesting name, the popularity and heart of this series ultimately come from the amazing stories and photographs.