3048 Views • Oct 15, 2018 • Knowledge. How to reset your Ghost Controls system control board in order for it to function after the ZombieLock has been removed/disconnected. We are here to help. This gate hardware works with 12V Automatic Gate Opener Systems and other applicable systems to quickly and efficiently recharge batteries. Your home for all tips, tricks, videos, and helpful articles for Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems & Coop Controls Automatic Coop Door Opener Kits. The heavy duty gate hardware also has short circuit and overload protection, with recovery … This is done after creating a NEW MASTER PIN for the keypad. Product Support. Another 5 stars, zombie lock works perfectly. If you're having problems like these, there are several basic troubleshooting techniques you can use. Video of Learning GhostCode into Keypad from Remote. Most of the time, newer … … + A few weeks after the original installation of gate opener and satisfied its a great product, I invested in & added the Zombie Lock. What if you can't hear the audio? Troubleshooting common problems. Video showing how to learn the GhostCode from a Ghost Control remote transmitter into the keypad. The Ghost Controls system in my opinion is well engineered and thought-out to be easy for virtually anyone to install.Only had the system installed now for a week, so far it works fantastic. The Ghost Controls AXTFW Replacement Resettable AC Transformer is an output resettable, replacement transformer for recharging your gate batteries. Do you know what to do if the YouTube video player is blank? Car2U modules are NOT compatible with Ghost Controls. Ghost Controls high performance RF system requires an accurate and stable signal and HomeLink's ability to perform accurate cloning varies from model to model. HomeLink works by cloning the transmitter frequency and coding scheme (including Ghost Controls transmitters) and reproduces the signal.