The opener was purchased through Walmart, the extension through Genie. Genie 6070H Residential Wall-Mount Jackshaft Garage Door Opener | Genie 6070H Residential Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener is a DC-powered home or small-application garage door opener. $429.25) (1 review) Write a Review SKU: 39934R Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. The NEW Genie Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is now available at authorized Genie garage door opener dealers. I recently purchased a Genie Garage Door Opener with an extension because I have an 8' door. Current Stock: ... 1 Review Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 6070H Genie door opener. These wall mount models attach directly to the garage door's spring tube! The openers eliminate the traditional rail & powerhead design by attaching directly to the garage door’s spring tube. Genie 6070 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Enjoy the clean and compact look of this wall-mount model that leaves your garage ceiling open and free. GENIE 6070 - WALL MOUNT GARAGE DOOR OPENER. For use with sectional/panel doors, the side-mount arrangement offers benefits as improved space and aesthetic plus numerous practical advantages as reduced noise-level and significantly easier install and maintenance. Genie model 6070 feature our all-new wall mount design. Original review: Aug. 27, 2020. The all-new wall mount designed Genie garage door opener models 6170 & 6070 eliminate the traditional rail and powerhead design. The Genie Wall Mount Pro Series 6070 has a 24-volt DC motor that delivers quiet and powerful performance. Cleaner Look: Eliminating the rail & opener from the ceiling brings a clean and open look to your garage.