I want to use this recipe to make turnovers for breakfast in a couple of days. Hi Rob, yes this will work with Wellington, just remember to wrap the beef in some mushroom pate and crepes so the pastry doesn’t go soggy! Hi Lauren, no, you shouldn’t have any butter left over. Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Doughnuts feature a yeast-raised baked doughnut coated in cinnamon sugar, stuffed with cream cheese, and topped with raspberry jam. This cake from Delish.com takes banana pudding to the next level. Thanks for letting me know! Folding butter in like viennois but no yeast like a pie crust. The first portion goes in with the flour at the start to form the dough, and the remaining 3 portions are dotted when you are folding the pastry. Mmmmm....now I have malicious plans for those hand picked frozen blueberries in my freezer! I was done so quickly, I now considered myself converted and can think of no reason to use store-bought pastry again. Cool working conditions (don't go trying this in a heatwave!). Learn how to make fudgy homemade brownies from scratch. Simple to follow instructions, great for pies, strudels, turnovers and freezer friendly too! After the 30 minutes then I roll again, can I freeze it for later use? ¾ cup or 175 g butter at room temperature 1 ¾ cups or 225 g Plain / All purpose flour (sieved) pinch of salt ¼-1/2 cup or 100 ml of cold water 2 tablespoons sugar if making a sweet dish. Thanks, Anne. One is using the butter whole layer the other in dots. Instructions In a medium-sized mixing bowl, blend the flour and salt together. Looks great. Hi Marc, I think you're referring to the flour measurement? In a large bowl, combine flour and salt. A tip for you, if using frozen fruits, don't defrost them first as they will make the pastry go soggy! Very excited to try out the recipe! Can a food processor be used for the first 3 steps of this recipe? I can't see any difference between flaky and ruff puff. What I need to know is if this type of dough will react the same in this type of baking method. Then sprinkle some sugar, spices such as cinnamon, if a sweet dish, or savory spices, like jerk seasoning, cajun spices, actually, anything that takes your fancy! 1. Roll out the dough into a rectangle shape (see photo) and keep rolling, adding more flour if necessary to stop from sticking, until the dough is about 4 mm thickness. Anything I do wrong? I thought all dough requires some yeast in oder to rise. 7. Add the butter and toss to combine. She says repeat steps and that step is dot with butter. Add one portion of the butter to the flour and using a round bladed knife, incorporate the butter and flour, whilst slowly adding enough cold water until the mixture comes together to form an elastic dough. If you freeze it after you have folded it, wrap tight in plastic wrap then it will be fine. Don't bother with the bug spray, tonight we're camping in the kitchen! The butter needs to be soft enough so when you make the layers it spreads a little otherwise if it’s hard the cubes of butter will pierce the pastry. Cut the lard up into small … The recipe was super easy to follow and I'll see how it looks and tastes when I bake it today. Thanks so much! With step-by-step tutorial and video. Otherwise I did end up with flaky layers. i used this recipe for a crossaint. (see photo). Let us know in the comments below. Mix the lemon juice with the water, and stir into the flour/fat mixture until you have a soft dough. . 2. Yes. How To Make Quick and Easy Flaky Pastry. I'm so jealous you have home grown ones! Then roll out when you’re ready to use. What would I change in the ingredients? When u take it out of the fridge should unfold it, should I roll some more ,how much filling should I put in the raspberry filling ,it's canned. 3. Non è un di quelle ciambelle che devi per forza accompagnare a latte, caffè o te…. 2. So why should I bother sharing a pastry recipe with you? I think I will be trying this sometime next week. A truly unintimidating recipe to follow that yielded a scrumptiously buttery result. This recipe for flaky pastry is by far an easy one, even for a complete novice. . No mention in this recipe of any. 4. You should try it for sure, it's easy, freezable and cheap to make!! Note the prep time includes 30 minutes of chill time, In the ingredients under butter, it says room temperature. When the pastry is placed in the oven, this trapped air expands and lifts each thin layer of pastry separately. Cooking times will vary depending on what you are using the pastry for. I think the extra butter you use when you do the other 2 folds. You have to make sure of two things when you make this pastry. If I leave this in the fridge overnight, do I roll it out when I'm ready to use it or use as is ? You need to roll so it is about 1 cm thick, and all an even thickness. ), This recipe will make 1 sheet of pastry, 3-4 mm thick, measuring 30 cm x 12 cm. Crowd-approved. So...are you ready? You get the idea...? You were so specific I bet even I could do this. Am I supposed to have extra butter or was I supposed to mix it in as I was folding and rolling because I don’t know what to do with it. Here are a few more recipes where you can use flaky pastry. Made this for a bacon and egg pie. It's amazing! what happened? The butter kept leaking but I hope it turns out okay. I would like to try this recipe: Quick and Easy Flaky Pastry I would like to know if this dough would be good to make a Tourtier(meat and potato pie ). Allow to defrost in the fridge before rolling out when you’re ready to use. As someone who has NEVER made my own dough/crust, never even used a rolling pin successfully, but is a decent cook; I would love a quick video! Hi Amanda, so long as the butter was chilled when you were rolling out the pastry it should be ok. You can expect the bitter to squish out a bit when you’re folding the layers and rolling, so don’t worry! It's easy, just follow the steps and hey presto! This seems to be like a cross between a pie crust dough and viennois, mixing the techniques. 8. The layers are not rising of my puff pastry.please tell me the reason. For turnovers, you would add the filling to the raw pastry. You don't include how to put the feeling into the pastry I'm wanting to make turnovers but do I use the raw dough or bake the pastry first? But the kids wake up pretty early. Take one quarter (3 tablespoons) of each type of fat and rub it into the flour/salt mixture with your fingertips until it resembles cornmeal. With your fingers, begin to "smush" the butter into flat pieces. Hope that clears any confusion for you! Is this the correct pastry for vanilla slices ? Thank you for the best and eqsy recipe. Do you have to melt the butter when adding it to the flour? Are there any suggestions for using this recipe for a Two-Crust pot pie??? Hi Karen, yes. We're not playing twix, this thing is HUGE. Hope that explains a bit for you? This chocolate cake is simply the best - layerd with dark chocolate cream, soft and yummy! One other thing - when you bring the folded-into-three pastry from the refrigerator and let it warm up, do you unfold it before rolling it to 1 mm or do you just roll it and thereby create three times as many flaky layers?