The outgoing Elite series consisted of five models: a Strat in SSS and HSS pickup configurations, a Tele and Tele Thinline, plus a lefty Strat. You’ll find Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters, Jazz Basses and Precision Basses, along with a few tweaked instruments that include HSS Strats, Tele Deluxes, 5-string basses and even a few fretless models. American Elite. » Shop all Fender American Pro II Stratocasters | Watch this video for Lee & Petes thoughts on the new Fender Ultra guitars, plus an actual tone shoot out between the old Elite models & the new Ultra versions! Does that make it the pinnacle of what a modern Fender can be too? Along with that palm contour we also get a rib-cage cut, while the top edge is bound. Fender American Ultra Strat Maple Fretboard Cobra Blue - The neck pickup is suspended from the scratchplate (unlike an original that screws directly to the body), which means that height adjustment here is easy. Sporting active/passive switches, these allow you to quickly change between vintage and modern voicings with a simple flick, while flexible 3-band EQ systems enable you to precisely sculpt their tones to perfection. Kentano2000. There was a problem. Fender American Ultra Strat Maple Fretboard Mocha Burst - No, not really. Modern guitar and bass players have never had more exciting creative tools at their disposal! Andertons Synths, Keys & Tech YouTube Channel: » 23:46 Let's Get Some Tones! The same neck-and-middle combination is voiced in positions 4 and 3 with the S-1 depressed. Pete used a '68 Custom Deluxe - ‘Well behaved’ might be a better phrase, which can also be applied to the in-tune vibrato system. » 11:00 Fender Pro II Stratocaster with Gain Note that the bridge has easy-to-intonate chromed brass block saddles, Rosewood replaces the ebony used on the Elites. Ensuring sublime tuning stability in conjunction with their low-friction bone nuts, these ergonomic machine heads also allow for lightning-fast string changes. Lee used a '68 Custom Vibrolux - With balanced Alder bodies bolted to bright-sounding Maple necks, this classic construction design yields the snappy and articulate tones that Fender instruments are so renowned for. Making them apt for use with overdrive and high-gain amp settings, these noise-free pickups eliminate a common issue that has afflicted old-school Fender single-coils for years. Comfortable for modern players and vintage aficionados alike, these acclaimed neck profiles have now been enhanced with a new “Super Natural” finish that provides a silky-smooth and friction-free feel. It’s not the thickest vintage-y voice we’ve heard and the bridge has plenty of treble slice until you back off the tone a little (don’t forget it’s a no-load type, so effectively with the control fully up it’s bypassed for maximum high-end). ➡️ Danish Pete's Rig | Andertons Shopping Website: Introducing the Fender American Professional II Series, with new colours, refined hardware & re-voiced pickups, their iconic American Pro range just got a whole lot better! Make sure to subscribe to Andertons TV for more great videos like this:, Reactions: Gooseteeth, Trebor Renkluaf, scopa and 8 others. The American Professional II range has replaced Fender’s entire American Pro lineup, of which took over from the venerable American Standard series in 2017.