Videos Hospital Playlist. Yes, it's not the baby's fault. Unfortunately, i agree. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; ), The Wings Tour Japan Edition in Saitama Super Arena Concert, Theory of Love : Special Episode "Stand By Me", Time Limit Investigator (Jikou Keisatsu Hajimemashita), TOMORROW X TOGETHER Debut Celebration Show, Twice TV: School Meal Club's Great Adventure, Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, Unsung Cinderella: Byoin Yakuzaishi no Shohosen, Visiting Sacred Places of the Tohoku Region, Wanna One World Tour – ONE: THE WORLD in Seoul. Season one of Hospital Playlist is comprised of 12 episodes, released on a weekly basis. Contrary to their positive outlook, the patient is angry about his paralyzed arm. that last shot of Jeung Won is awful-funny! Episode Hospital Playlist. For her, she already feels like it's going to end and for her, it's just a matter of when. Rosa and jong-soo have pure friendship, nothing else. They do a practice round, asking Seok-min what he thinks of Seon-bin, and when he tries to get out of answering, Ik-joon takes interest and shows the group some pointers. When he has fever and he asks Jae-hak to verify for him, they're a comic duo! I was always on Team Chi-hong ever since he went to the camping site and I was still on Team Chi-hong went he requested the banmal but that pat on the shoulder was not it. Having his wife's back. He has done everything in his power to reassure her that he isn't like her previous boyfriend and that he doesn't mind if she doesn't want to get married, but Ik Sun is uncomfortable with even a token of commitment, like couple rings. I can't imagine the ensuing blame game if things go south. Ahn (cameo of THE DIVINE FURY's Exorcist Fr. Ahn) Ahn Sung-gi who will be his mentor. The acting was really superb. I adore Chi Hong and I also adore Ik Joon. Way to make it awkward, dude. What gets my blood boiling is that he says one thing then does another. I wonder how long Junwan can be ok with Ik-sun's "no marriage" rule. appId : '127538621120543', The last episode of 'Hospital Playlist' Season 1 was almost 2 hours long and the episode was expected to answer some very important questions about where Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do), Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung) and Jun-wan's (Jung Kyoung-ho) choices will lead them. Start-Up OST. It's probably a more complicated past for these two. in Friends When they arrive at his floor, Ik-joon pats Song-hwa on the shoulder before getting off, which Chi-hong notices. The way he took her hand to comfort her was so sweet and natural. Seok Hyeong : SH was a real adult this episode. I'm sad that the writer has turned this episode into a competition between the men without even giving us a glimpse of how SH feels. I remember reading few comments on chi-hong's behaviour coming across as creepy and this episode confirmed it. While I said in the previous episode that I could see the two friends ending up together, if it does happen, I highly doubt it will come into fruition this season. She goes over the high possibility of brain damage, but the guardian begs Song-hwa to at least save her husband’s life—as long as he lives, she doesn’t care if he is paralyzed. More than any romantic relationship, I ship their friendship and hope that nothing comes between them. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page She agrees after he promises to not cross the line, and turning towards Song-hwa, he tells her to drive home safely. This drama is saving me from lockdown depression! It's been clear to me from the beginning that something happened during their college days. The way they talked to her, you can see it's not the first time they have made demands of the docile daughter in law. Rosa Winter Garden: Jong Won’s finally comfortable and light with GW and I’m glad to see it. But I am really shocked that Rosa is pressuring GW to ask JW to stay back. Or JWan and SHwa could also be the end-game. But I also took it as his confession to song hwa and chi-hong, that she has been more than a friend to him. (2020), I Shared My Husband (Watashi Danna o Shea Shiteta), I Will Do It In The Next Life (Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu), Investigation Meeting in the Living Room! After the transplant operation, Joon-wan explains what happened to the parents, and actively tries to put them at ease while delivering the news—seems like Jae-hak has influenced him for the better. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); After decades of working and being friends, things might be changing for our group. Untuk mengetahui kelanjutan ceritanya, nonton Hospital Playlist episode 11 dengan sub Indo. }; Practically speaking, the show needs to have a reason for us to tune in next season. No hospital politics (thank god). The test results for the liver donor match are in, and Ik-joon tells the family that the wife’s liver is too small. Also, that's a lot of responsibility given to Gyu-wool when it's still not sure how Jung-won really feels. That's what this space is for, so if you see things the recap doesn't include (which is a lot because the show has a ton of content to discuss) please do share. We still haven’t been shown that JW has had any second thoughts about priesthood. It's like she has always known. Joon-wan is worried about a baby patient whose only option is a heart transplant. - comedic Chandler (ik joon) and flustered Ross (Seokhyung). Joo won's concern coming out in violent OTT outbursts , Jong Won and Seok Hyung silently hearing her out and expressing solidarity with her choices. It's an interesting thought that maybe Ik-joon broke Song-hwa's heart, because I thought the subtext was that he married just anyone when he couldn't have Song-hwa. She doesn’t want him to waste his time, but he corrects her: “What I want isn’t marriage. The romance for her isn't that interesting, if anything I hope she finds someone outside of this group, possibly while she is camping. Also Ch Hong, dude....she is your don't do that to your boss no matter what....he invades her space, I find is seriously inappropriate and given, Seong Haw's character, I imagine it makes her uncomfortable as well. Your email address will not be published. I think the ungrateful patient made her think about what she's offering at a more holistic level as a doctor.