We’re working hard to be accurate – but these are unusual times, so please always check before heading out. However, cinching prevents the stomach from expanding. Drag has even helped him deal with his eating disorder, said Adam. Tag: Drag queen Singapore. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! In his day job as a fashion photographer, clients are often “controlling” and “don’t listen to [him].”. As Fadli begins his three-hour makeup transformation during our interview, he tells me Salome Blaque is his nighttime alter ego. Drag queens are having a moment right now. And once he slips on a green embroidered top with puffy sleeves, the change is complete. Wonder what she'll be next? It was my first live drag show, and I was enthralled to meet a queen in the flesh ever since I discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race. By Dear Straight People on June 6, 2020 June 6, 2020. Big hair, big lips, big ass. The bona fide queen serves her signature brand of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent alongside her guest sisters like Vanda Miss Joaquim, Lisa Dolmat, Arya Dunn, Erianna Conda and Victoria Wondersnatch at the Riot! Whether the outcome is good or bad, it … Another instance, a man pulled his hair and punched his head. That was my first impression as I watched drag queen Salome Blaque flip her hair, gyrate her hips, and lip-sync to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chun Li’ at Peaches. All these venues are LGBT-friendly clubs. Every second Saturday of the month, the drag star steals the limelight with her various alter-egos such as a Thai agogo queen, a Biology teacher, a Shanghai nightclub hostess, and a Moulin Rouge cabaret girl. So I’m very fortunate that my (Malay Muslim) parents are supportive of my choice.”. The Drag Queen/Mr World Singapore hopeful said that the LGBT community should “put ourselves out there for our stories to be heard. If they don’t pay your bills why would you listen to them, you know? We … RECOMMENDED: The best gay bars in Singapore and the best nightclubs in Singapore. One of the image of Fadli for his Final Year Project. show on the second Saturday of every month (the next one's in July at the Hard Rock Café). On average, a performance would earn a queen S$200 onwards. After makeup, he adds padding to his curves with foam cut out from an unused mattress and slips into his costume and shoes. Start your weekends right by heading to this watering hole on a Friday night. Here are 33 drag queens that are taking our country by storm. Tucked in the streets of Chinatown, the all-inclusive Lluvia (‘rain’ in Spanish) holds a special place for unwinding, socialising, and singing – yes, it’s also a karaoke bar! “I did my photoshoot and my makeup in my parents’ house and they saw me in drag. But to know Salome behind the sass, I decide to meet the queen for a private interview. Another LGBT hotspot, Out Bar is an intimate Hollywood-themed bar that keeps things cosy yet playful. It was my first live drag show, and I was enthralled to meet a queen in the flesh ever since I discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race. Drag shows in Singapore are gaining momentum thanks to successful shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and we’re so here for it. Sashay all night with one of Singapore's drag royalty: Becca D'Bus. Queen Salome Blaque has arrived and court is in session. Big hair, big lips, big ass. “Oh my God, Fadli is so laid-back, he would sleep most of the time and eat, and Salome would never eat. This cool cat lounge is not all smooth, swingin’ jazz. We already have this email. Her Royal Dragness Kumar springs to mind? These are just bad comments, they’re just going to put everybody else down, simple.”, When I ask Fadli for his motivation to keep doing drag, he tells me of the creative freedom he’s allowed to have as a queen. Try another? Currently, he is a regular performer at Hard Rock Café. the mother of the House of Stars – Noristar as serves looks, dance moves and lip-syncing skills. Like if you touch my hair it’s fine. And that’s when I realise Salome’s bold, ‘I’m-gonna-do-my-own-thing’ attitude is not a front Fadli puts up to entertain. Enjoy a welcome show brought to you by its resident stunners, including the city's favourite drag queen Vanda Miss Joaquim. He released his biographical book, Kumar: From Rags To Drag… Heads up! Some call it a performance and others; a craft. We can vouch for one thing – no two shows are the same. To get acquainted with Singapore's drag scene, save the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race when you're home cosied up in your PJs that are oh-so 'eleganza-extravaganza', and leave the couch for some of the city's top divas. All Rights Reserved 2016 - 2018 Zula Pte Ltd. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Singaporean Drag Queens: This Fashion Photographer Takes 5 Hours To Get Dressed, This Financial Analyst's Side Hustle As A Sugar Baby Is Funding Her Higher Education & Might Lead To Marriage, 16 Weekday High Tea Promotions In Singapore From $24++ Worth Taking The Day Off For, Including 1-For-1 Deals, 42 Upcoming K-dramas To Look Out For In The Second Half Of 2020, The Starbucks x Kate Spade New York Collection Will Make Your Daily Coffee Run Feel Like A Mini Fashion Show, Haidilao China Offers Customers Lipstick Shades Named After Its Soup Bases So You Can Touch Up After Your Meal. In Singapore, a country still grappling with LGBTQ+ rights, a band of fearless, talented Singapore drag queens have debuted — showing what it means to live life with pride, confidence and colour. Vyla Virus, one of Singapore’s most prolific drag queens, pens a letter on how the world of drag will not only provide fulfilment and joy, but also a second family. What used to be considered underground entertainment is now thriving in Singapore's nightlife scene where drag shows are performed in … ‘Salome’ is a reference to the late Saloma, a Singapore-Malaysian singer and film actress who embodied the glamorous lifestyle and attitudes of local Malay Cinema in the 1960s. It's a surprise. Thanks for subscribing! Lipstick, heels, gown – in Singapore, a small but growing number of men, and women too, cross-dress as anime characters of the opposite sex at cosplay conventions. ... After a successful inaugural run last year, amateur drag queen competition Drag Wars is back again; and frankly, it’s nothing short of sickening. Like the cock will know, ‘Oh you shouldn’t pee now’. His movements become more exaggerated and his comebacks sharper. Living the double life as a drag queen Adam Ameng is a student by day, and a drag queen by night. I remarked on the difference and it earned a laugh from him. Unlike Salome, the 27-year-old is soft-spoken, almost shy. But leave your inhibitions at the door as things get filthy, trashy, boozy, and most definitely, entertaining with Becca D'Bus. He has performed in straight clubs where the male audience would gossip and make fun of him. Most queens belong to one of the three local drag houses, each with drag mums who mentor newer queens. And ‘Blaque’ is derived from the soul Black girls like Whitney Houston have. Cheryl likes bread and cats, especially so when cats tuck in their limbs so that they look like bread. She also ensures your glass is refilled throughout the night. That was my first impression as I watched drag queen Salome Blaque flip her hair, gyrate her hips, and lip-sync to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chun Li’ at Peaches. Already well into its second season, Drag Wars 2.0 is bigger, better, and arguably more dramatic. Be sure to secure front-row seats at the next Kumar Show by booking your tickets in advance. Salome is truly Fadli unfettered, born of someone who is comfortable with himself. Having spent nearly two decades as an entertainer, he has amassed a string of television, stage, and film credits. Not just to entertain the crowd, Their Royal Highnesses here also chat and mingle with guests, so bow down and be friendly or receive some shade. He revealed: "I used to have an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and to face it head on as part of overcoming it, I performed 'Talking Body' by Tove Lo, [while in my drag character]." There’s no one stopping you because you’re just putting yourself out there.”. The best places to catch a drag show in Singapore, most definitely, entertaining with Becca D'Bus. The local drag scene has almost 50 queens in the fold now. As the interview comes to a close, Fadli offers one last maxim: “For those who are not comfortable being themselves, you just gotta learn how to speak out and spend your time with someone who is loud and bubbly. Vyla Virus – Letter To My Closet. Like many queens, he tucks because he “doesn’t want to be performing and be showing (his) balls everywhere.”, Most of his costumes cost under S$100, and are either from Chinese websites or handmade. None of those average girls-next-door at these clubs – here's where you can catch drag queens lip sync, dance and serve epic looks. Déjà vu! “Honey, it’s all DIY,” he quips. The student by day and drag queen by night now performs once a month at local clubs and private events, earning about $200 per show. Queens like Gina Gemini and Vanda Miss Joaquim also come to stunt. “There’s a drag queen who claims to earn 1.2(k) an hour. Forget lip-syncing and busting out a move or two, Kumar's stand-up gigs at Canvas is laced with political gags, crude humour, and jokes that hit close to home.