Please share your Laserium memories below. Still, always has great deals and is the destination whether you just want to get in the door with the cheapest ticket price or find a seat close to the action. Laser Holidays is a live laser concert performance by LASERIUM. (Ironically, I went there once completely sober with a girl on our second date, and it was a horrible experience. I … people walking through huge laser projections during the "Art In Nature" event at the Laguna Beach Art Museum in 2015. Laserium prices fluctuate based on many factors, including inventory and demand. Laserium Rocks! Experience state-of-the-art laser display technologies combined with one-of-a-kind laser visuals from LASERIUM. LASERIUM LASER HOLIDAYS - Celebrate with LASERS! Hot Led: Zeppelins' Best (Molten Led) LASER HOLIDAY '92: 1993: Inside Laserium : Lollapalaser : Dream On: The Music of Aerosmith: 1994: Laser Rage!