You should get about 6 to … A delicious cherry tomato with wonderful colouring of deep chocolate purple. Chocolate Cherry This is a new variety we intoduced in 2013. (Cordon) Probably one of the most attractive tomatoes you will ever grow, this is the so-called 'next generation' Black Cherry. Heavy crops of uniform, round, sweet, acid-free cherry tomatoes are produced, in a distinctive burgundy-brown shade, and seemingly resistant to cracking or splitting. These luscious treats are perfect for salads, slicing or canning with an exceptional fresh flavor that is rich and complex. Chocolate Cherry Tomato found in: Exotic Fruit Growing Kit, Vegetable Seed Bumper Pack, Get a taste of exotic fruits with this new collection - 5 of.. CHOCOLATE CHERRY SEEDS (TOMATO) - Plant World Seeds. Vegetable Seeds > Tomato Seeds > Cherry > Need help? 70 DAYS. Call 0333 777 3936. Colour runs through from the skin to the flesh making this variety both deliciously flavoured and highly attractive. 1: 2: Quick Order Form. A very sweet cherry tomato, with lots of purple-brown fruit about 1 inch across. The 1-in. Our Cookie Policy. cherry-like fruits are rich brick red with deep chocolate shading. New Vegetable Seeds: Exhibition Seeds: Organic Seeds: Seed Tapes and Mats: Sprouting Seeds: Veg Seed for Pots and Containers: Artichoke Seeds: Asparagus Seeds: Aubergine Seeds: Beetroot Seeds: Broccoli Seeds: Perfect for adding interest to summer salads, this easy to grow variety will perform both in the greenhouse and the garden.