Besides the benefits we’ve already mentioned, event names are your event’s first impression. But entrepreneurs and sales minded folks will immediately know this event is meant for them. Here are some highly effective ways to do so, along with some real world examples and ideas. For example, CXL Live is an event name most people wouldn’t give a second thought to. If you are throwing a party this evening, there are some catchy names for parties which you can use to name your event. Catchy Names for Parties. You can take the following parties names ideas: Plan it. Main takeaway: Sometimes it’s better to use an imaginative name that makes your audience think about what it means and how it relates to the event for a second. But in order to get attendees through the door, you’ll need to come up with a great name that grabs their attention and piques their interest. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page. Check domain availabilty with GoDaddy. What we like about it: Naming this event with the word “elite” makes attendees feel, well, special! Whether it is a birthday party, office party or any other event, you should select good party event names for more entertainment. Winter Event Names . Being on the nose is not such a bad thing when it comes to event names. Type the topic of your event into this Event Name Generator and it will instantly create hundreds of event names you can use right away! • Lifevents. Simple names are great. Chamber event names and names for networking events is important, but hard, for creating attractive, high-attendance events. Large events should have unique names with little SEO competition. For SEO purposes, choose something that still has an available URL. A name can give people the vibe of your whole shindig as well as what they can expect to gain from attending. Party is a get together of loved ones and it makes the whole atmosphere very happy and cheerful. Smashing two or more words together to form a completely new one like VidCon, the video conference. Dozens of fully decked out art installations nestled inside pods arranged by rows makes it seem as if you’ve stepped into a whole new neighborhood. But when you boil them all down, these are the three main guidelines for any good event name: It explains what it is. 100 Creative and Prime Name Ideas for an Event Planning Business. Here are some ways to sort it out. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with these 10 amazing ideas from industry leaders big and small. Badminton is most widely played in the winter months... Harry Potter is one name that if you are a 90’s kid then it’s imbibed in your DNA. Photoville LA is a photography exhibit and festival (complete with a beer garden, outdoor performances, and a variety of workshops) is housed in a series of traveling storage pods. Short, memorable and catchy words help you get the attraction. Rhyming, as we learned from the last example, helps event names stick in our brains. Both of these examples make their respective audience and mission statements pretty obvious. The most creative basketball teams names would also be accessible, which draw fan followers from around the globe. Unique Tag Team Names  Are you a die-hard fan of tag wrestling matches? Moral of the story: if you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your audience loves something pop culture related, go ahead and think of name related to it. Need help naming your event business? What we like about it: Following our advice from earlier, LavaCon includes a piece of its own history in the name. Diagram events, wow attendees, and win clients with free planning tools. Third, even those born and raised inside city limits can intuit this is a country themed party with a high likelihood of line dances and plenty of cowboy hats. Photoville LA. Finding some great bakery names? Plus, with lots of lookalike events happening nearby, it’s good to have a sticky event name that is easier to remember and more appealing than the names of your competitor’s events. Protein powder is a raging trend in fitness circles today. • Event Fusion. This leadership luncheon is a great example of repurposing an existing name for an event to help it fit within the larger company brand. For example, if your event is a tech conference for copywriters, you can follow the thought pattern, “copywriters (A) make me think of B. You can check to URL availability for free using Google Domains or on Today, we are recommending some of the fundraising events name ideas. It excites your audience. The Digital Elite Camp is a 3 day long get together for professionals on topics related to digital growth, traffic, and conversions. Now, it’s important to mention that there are plenty of amazing event names that don’t follow all of these rules, like Content Marketing World or The Golden Raspberry Awards. For most parties, you should focus mainly on a name that will resonate with your guests – something relevant to the theme of the party and fun should do the trick. Events bring people together to enjoy new experiences. Use what the renowned improv comedy school Upright Citizens Brigade refers to as “A to C”-ing. What we like about it: It’s descriptive but not too on the nose. Try any combination of the following exercises and event name ideas to come up with something both you and your audience will love. With all that in mind, you’ll be able to use any of these tactics to create something truly unique. For example, Lesbians Who Tech is a real event with a name that gives the reader an immediate understanding of who the audience is and kind of what attendees will be doing. Use a combination of these tools if you’re really feeling stuck. 1. The purpose of naming a party is to give a unique effect to the event. Main takeaway: Audiences love a good inside reference, one that they’ll clearly understand if they take a few seconds longer to investigate your event info. SmartSocial Summit. • Find synonyms and better words to the ones you found in step 1. Main takeaway: Adding a string of adjectives, event subject matters, and event types or descriptors all together is both a practical and creative way to come up with a unique event name. You can select from the following names: You can take these parties’ names ideas for naming your social events and occasions. Sometimes the best event names are the ones that say exactly what it is. The perfect name should tell your fellows about your experience, ability, and loyalty. Naming your Event Company. She Leads is a female-driven event that hosts women and leaders in ministry. ... it’s a good idea to have a general name for lunch and learns and then use a catchy name that takes into account the topic as a subheading. Taking cues from local history, like the name of the owner’s dog or the main export from your town. • Grab a paper and pen, and write down every word that comes to your mind. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. While completely fictitious (to the best of our knowledge anyway), the event name “1st Annual Uncanny Hootenanny” conveys three intriguing pieces of information. Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at [email protected] for more details. Parties do not need a reason. Generate. Business events can have silly or interesting names too, just remember that your event name should also be used to convey the tone of your event. Go back to the drawing board. Remember: finding a great name begins by understanding what your event is about, what you’re trying to accomplish with this event, and why your event is superior to others like it. 5. Second, the name rhymes and has a sense of fun to it, so you know it’s going to be a good time. Free Event Management Software for Planners and Properties. Name generators let you plug in key words or basic industry terms to get a computer generated list of possible event titles. Generate name ideas for your Networking Event or find our a list of name ideas from our branding experts below. What we like about it: When you see the setup of Photoville you immediately understand the name. Also, when you Google your chosen name, are there other names already ranking for the same keywords as this one? The Digital Elite Camp is a 3 day long get together for professionals on topics related to digital growth, traffic, and ... 2.