Her face can be changed to 6 very poorly drawn faces. ... and other peppy villagers in the Animal Crossing Series. Name . Anyone else miss her? Blanca (Animal Crossing: New Horizons?) Fox5409 6 months ago #2. mikado67 6 months ago #1. Sie kommt in eure Stadt wenn ihr über WiFi verfügt. Blanca (あやしいねこ, Suspicious Cat) is a recurring character in the Animal Crossing series, appearing in every game.She is a white cat who asks the player to draw her a face. Blanca is a cat in the Animal Crossing series. Blanca is a white cat with a blank face, hence the name 'Blanca'. Description. It's a shame they took out the April Fools event though, that was one of the better minor events in NL. Sw 5992 9774 5293 mikado in poketopia Fruit pears. Appearance Edit. Animal Crossing: Wild World - Blanca: Die Katze ohne Gesicht Beschreibung: Blanka ist eine misteriöse Katze. When you talk to Blanca, she will accuse you of laughing at her face. When meeting the player, she asks them to draw a face for her. For the the white cat special character, see Blanca. Blanca appears as a faceless white cat who wears a striped red and yellow clown outfit. Bianca (tiger) may easily get upset in conversation when the wrong things are said. Her name may come from the Spanish word for "white", which is "blanco" or her blank face, adding an 'a' … She serves as the host for April Fools Day. User Info: Fox5409. She is very rare to find. Danach geht sie aber auch schon wieder -.- Sie reist von Stadt zu Stadt. So, I got Blanca's pic and all my villager pics, and I didn't look at a guide or anything for the right answers. There is no specific place that she'll be waiting at. Draw on her face in older games or try to guess which villager she's pretending to be in New Leaf. I just picked the animal that gave me the towel and it was always Blanca… You have the option to draw her a new face. Like in the previous games, she will lack a face and ask the player to draw her one. But even among this pool of interesting critters - the strange, faceless cat known as "Blanca" tends to stand out in particular. Blanca will appear whenever the player has WiiConnect24 enabled on their Wii console and the telephone in their house. Say hello to Blanca, a creepy faceless cat with a unique personality. Sie spaziert dann einfach ein wenig durch die Stadt und wenn ihr sie ansprecht, könnt ihr ihr ein neues Gesicht malen. Second fun item, its a texture swap! Blanca is a white cat in the Animal Crossing series. On this holiday, she pretends to be a villager, and the player must guess which one is the original. Unsubscribe. Subscribe. In Animal Crossing: City Folk . A special feature in City Folk is that anyone who visits the town can edit her face. The Animal Crossing series has long been known for its slew of unique, colorful animal villagers, which has certainly continued with the latest Switch release, New Horizons. Animal Crossing: New Horizons; Blanca; User Info: mikado67. Subscribed. It was never the same after they took out the face-drawing feature. Peppy villagers will also have a very short attention span, which means they soon forget some arguments or tasks given to the player which weren't completed.