Ahdorative: Likely the standout Vex Offensive weapons, a solid adaptive frame solar pulse rifle that's versatile and hits hard. It’s great for taking out bigger enemies in a single shot or a tightly packed mob. However, it also does bonus damage if you kill an enemy with The Recluse itself. Note that you need to be creating a powerful weapon frame to get it, not just a regular one. But Subjunctive is like Recluse but not as good, which is fine considering Recluse is perhaps the best gun in the game. Then complete the Volundr or Bergusia Forges to create your new Hammerhead. It can roll some excellent perks, and it’s easy to pick up a new one at any time. We chose a mix of weapons that round out your loadouts and are relatively easy to acquire. — The Drifter. You can get as many Austringers as you want through the Menagerie from Season of Opulence. With the changes to instant reloads in Shadowkeep, Whisper of the Worm is viable again, and very powerful for distant boss enemies. And that's what Arc Logic feels like. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. It is now clear there’s a loot problem in Destiny 2: The same few weapons always drop.Both Forsaken and Shadowkeep’s paid campaigns reward obsolete gear. I don't, and I don't think my keyboard is durable enough to withstand the punishment it would surely endure as I make the attempt. It’s basically the perfect gun, which is why we couldn’t ignore it on this list. No, we don't have nearly so many as we did with the launch of Forsaken, and the lack of any new additions to world loot is a little disheartening for anyone that's grown a tad weary of Edge Transit over the past year. The Sole Survivor is a random drop from Gambit Prime or The Reckoning. But this is a gun you can work on getting over time, rather than devoting specific time to farming it. It starts out firing very slowly, but each stack of the Rampage perk increases the weapon’s fire rate. I cover social games, video games, technology and that whole gray area that happens when technology and consumers collide. You can burn through low and high-level enemies alike with this thing. It’s a Pinnacle Crucible weapon, and you need to reach Fabled in the Competitive playlist while also getting a bunch of PvP grenade kills. Anarchy is a random drop from the final boss in the Scourge of the Past raid. Bad Juju deals bonus damage after a few kills, which is great. Some are more difficult or random than others — and you may still want to collect other weapons — but everything below is worth your time and effort. It’s a great option for a Solar Heavy weapon, and other than the high possibility of accidentally killing yourself, it’s really easy to use. It’s great for bosses or a group of small enemies. What are the best weapons for pve for all 3 weapon types after the shadowkeep updates? Rampage is another solid damage-focused perk, making Adhorative a good choice for your primary ammo weapon in a ton of circumstances. If you feel like continuing the quest, Lumina is a very interesting gun to use, and heals allies. both of which can be farmed to hell and back through repeatable bounties. Beyond Light has been an excellent Expansion so far. It has so many different perks that it’s worth using in almost any situation. 542k. The Sole Survivor is a great sniper rifle with the potential to roll Firing Line, a powerful perk that increases the weapon’s damage when firing near allies. If an entire fireteam uses Outbreak, they can melt a boss in no time at all. Instead of firing normal grenades, you fire Arc mines that tether together and deal damage. But the main benefit of this gun comes from its ability to charge your Super when you get kills with high bonus damage stacks. Go Figure This Pulse Rifle with 450RPM is dropped randomly by defeating enemies across the map so just keep on killing hope the RNG favors you. If you’ve missed the last couple years, your arsenal will look a little light.