Paint Fumes So why does paint smell so bad? Splashing paint in or around your eyes can cause severe irritation to the eye 2. Paint companies are attempting to make paint a more easy to use product by making the fumes less harmful and making the painting process safer for all adults and infants. Lung Inflammation and Infection. I put my bird in a bedroom with a window that I left open, a fan on low, and stuffed a towel under the bottom of the door to prevent any fumes from going in. Latex paints produce less fumes and so are recommended for indoor use. Most cases cause mild gastrointestinal upset, but it can be significant enough to cause vomiting. Though oil-based paints tend to be used outside, their fumes have been known to leach into buildings and make people sick. After mixing paint that has separated, brush it onto a sheet of newspaper to determine if the surface is rough and bumpy—a sign of bad paint. When painting a room in a house with an infant you should turn on the exhaust and open all the windows so that the fumes are not trapped within the house. Both latex and oil-based paints should be used in properly ventilated spaces to avoid complications. When wood is painted, it’s best not to burn it because it may give off toxic fumes. And if the wood is very old, you could be burning lead-based paint, which would be very toxic! Latex paint certainly poses other risks to people and the environment, although this is not a result of a latex allergy. He was fine, but it was a room that didn't need to be painted and we did the whole house in a day. Have you just painted the walls in your house and are bothered by irritating odors, fumes, vapors and off-gassing? Latex paint contains various chemicals that can cause contact dermatitis and can release potentially toxic fumes that can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting and respiratory problems. Well, turning a liquid to a solid requires evaporation. Different paint products such as epoxy urea-formaldehyde, latex, oil-based, etc. Paint cans may release chemicals gases or fumes even if they’re closed, and so a basement or closet full of old paint cans is bad news. I painted a good portion of the inside of my house with latex interior paint a little over a year ago. Direct Contact. If you have lead paint in your home, here are some helpful tips on how to safely remove lead paint. And some chemicals that evaporate from your paint, especially the solvents, smell bad (and are really bad for your health). Wondering how long will you will be able to smell the paint, what the dangers and health effects are? Organic (Carbon based) substances that evaporate easily into your air are called Volatile Organic Compounds . Paint Odor / Paint Fumes. When large volumes of latex paints are ingested or inhaled, the concentration can become quite troublesome for small animals. Without treatment and fresh air, this can lead to irreversible damage for your pet.