Antipasto (plural antipasti) is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. Enjoy antipasti recipes including a variety of olive, bruschetta, crositini, oyster, tortillas and salmon appetisers. I make my own it's easy. Positano Platter. That's it. Take a round platter with or without dividers and place washed romaine over it. Add to basket. Restaurant Co. Inc., Bertucci's owner since 1998, adopted the Bertucci's name in 2001. a good quality extra virgin olive oil for drizzling on vegetables. Arrange the water crackers in a ring along the outside edges of your serving platter. It's a good start to the holiday festivities when everyone is waiting on dinner to be served. Take a round platter with or without dividers and place washed romaine over it. It’s simple to create an impressive antipasto platter to get your holiday party started. Take the cold cuts roll them up and place them nicely on the platter, Cut your dry salami and do the same with them, Chop your cheese and place them nicely next to the cold cuts, Look how nice my platter is starting to look. These antipasti vary considerably from place to place in Italy, but they will often include a selection of pickles and other firm vegetables, … Yum. For this platter I purchased these sun dried cherry tomatoes that were awesome. Let individuals dress their own salads with the homemade Italian dressing. This presentation resembles an antipasto platter and is more buffet-style. This platter is easy to make. While there are some basics to an antipasto platter, you can always customize it to your liking. Antipasto Platter With Roasted Tomatoes Real Simple grape tomatoes, dried oregano, Italian bread, olive oil, ricotta and 4 more No Cook Cold Antipasto Platter for Summer Just a … The next step is to identify five or six vegetables that you like. How to Make an Antipasto Platter Presentation. (See sidebar for roasting vegetables.) The platter is ready to be served along some crusty bread and/or garlic bread. A festive Italian meal generally begins with a variety of appetizers, which are known as antipasti –literally, before the meal. It allows individuals to pick and choose what ingredients they would like to add to their salad. Antipasto Video [Video] [Video] | Antipasto recipes, Antipasto … Anytime that I am asked to bring something to a party, I almost always bring an antipasto platter (but if it isn’t that, then I bring the best brownies ever). You get to choose what goes on it. fresh mozzarella di bufala, parma-ham, salami, artichokes, olives, grilled vegetables.. ¥189.00 add to cart. I placed them right besides my cold cuts. I also used miniature mozzarella balls. Founded in suburban Boston by Joseph Crugnale, Bertucci's expanded quickly during the 1980s and 1990s, growing from a single restaurant in 1981 to a sprawling restaurant chain by the mid-1990s. assorted cheese platter . An antipasto platter is a classic dish to bring to any party. © Kyle Phillips, licensed to About.Com Tuscan festive meals usually start with a mixture of antipasti, consisting of cold cuts, crostini, and generally something else, either pickles … The point is to create an Antipasto Misto to satisfy your personal taste. Add to basket. Antipasto platters are great for entertaining, as they are portable and sit well in room temperature. Copycat Recipes for items on the menu at Bertucci's Italian Restaurants. platters. There are not set ingredients that you have to include. I placed my olives in the center of my platter, Next goes the marinated mushrooms they were also placed in the center of the platter, This wouldn't be an antipasto platter without marinated artichoke hearts.