In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fall marks the arrival of several seasonal DIY recipes and holiday-based special events for Halloween and American Thanksgiving. Sony Promises More PS5 Stock by End of Year Following Biggest Console Launch Ever, Animal Crossing: When the Seasons REALLY Change in New Horizons, Animal Crossing: New Fish & Bugs Arriving in November (& How to Catch Them), Animal Crossing: New Horizons Scores Game of the Year Award at Tokyo Game Show, Gorillaz, Beck Debut New Single in an Animal Crossing Concert, Animal Crossing: After a Month Away, You Unlock a Special Hairstyle, Every Animal Crossing Game Ranked, According to Critics. Spring bugs, fish and sea creatures begin arriving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 1 in the Northern Hemisphere and on Sept. 1 in the Southern Hemisphere. oublié? This happens for just 10 days, which gives players a very small … Animal Crossing : New Horizons - Il reproduit son île en argile s..., toute l'actualité Nintendo en France. Northern and Southern Hemisphere players will see lit trees and ornaments from Dec. 15 to Jan. 6. These can be used to craft the Frozen DIY items. Players can craft trees, candles, illuminated reindeer, ornament wreaths and more. Related: Animal Crossing: New Fish & Bugs Arriving in November (& How to Catch Them). During the springtime, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players on Switch are able to collect Young Spring Bamboo from bamboo thickets. Disponible sur la place de la mairie, Dindou vous demandera alors des ingrédients spécifiques à portée de main sur votre île afin de réaliser son plat ultime. Animal Crossing Christmas. Spring in the Animal Crossing series starts on February 18, when the trees begin to turn green after being white for Winter, and ends on May 31. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Similar to how players can catch cherry blossom petals and maple leaves, they can catch regular and large snowflakes during snowstorms. Returning NPC Franklin the turkey will prepare an elaborate feast for players and their villagers, but to complete his menu, he'll require ingredients -- which is where players come in. With Maple Leaf season just launched on 16 November, followed by yet another update on 19 November, together with a new trailer showcasing Turkey Day and Toy Day (Animal Crossing New Horizons’ secular version of Thanksgiving and Christmas). Also in November and March, players can catch maple leaves as they fly through the air, similar to catching cherry blossoms in the spring. It is used in crafting several types of furniture as well as the bamboo wand. Annoncé le 14 septembre 2018 lors d'un Nintendo Direct, ce jeu est sorti le 20 mars 2020 sur la console Nintendo Switch. Find her on Twitter @theverbalthing. Related: Gorillaz, Beck Debut New Single in an Animal Crossing Concert. Kingdom Hearts: Why Did It Take This Long to Get a Rhythm Game? She is the Gaming Lead at CBR, as well as the co-creator and editor-in-chief at Fatventure Mag. Le Comptoir du Jeu Vidéo revient sur le phénomène Animal Crossing : New Horizons sur Nintendo Switch. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Northern Hemisphere players experience summer in June, July and August, while Southern Hemisphere players experience it in December, January and February. This happens for just 10 days, which gives players a very small window to collect petals and cherry blossom DIYs, which are mostly found in balloon presents. Animal Crossing : New Horizons - célébrez aujourd'hui Thanksgiving avec Dindou Par Tentapoulpe - Il y a 9 heures Nous sommes aujourd'hui le 26 novembre 2020 et un événement majeur dans la culture américaine y est organisé à savoir le jour … (Note: Dung beetles can also be seen rolling snowballs, so players can catch and deliver them to Blathers at the museum, or sell them to Flick for Bells.). Winter technically starts in New Horizons on Dec. 1, with the arrival of cold-weather bugs, fish and sea creatures. Mot de passe Collecting them daily will allow players to craft special mushroom furniture, as well as a mushroom umbrella and a mushroom wand. Luckily, you can increase that house storage if needed. The house storage in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a lot, but if you went to your limit already? The house storage in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a lot, but if you went to your limit already? On Thursday, Nov. 26,  Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can celebrate Turkey Day, which is the Nintendo game's equivalent to American Thanksgiving.