If the child feels at age 14 that she is not happy and loved somewhere, but has a stable, loving parent, then she is entitled to feel that way. My 9yo often doesn’t want to visit her dad. Although I had moved to another state to avoid any further “police” calls and restraining orders, I still come up to Indiana quite often to see my children. They feel as though they do not matter anymore. I second that Amen. She lives with her parents and has a full-time job but her mom has been a “stay at home mom” for the boy but obviously is not providing adequate supervision for the child. His condition is that precarious. I am not jealous of him in the least, I couldn’t be happier that I do not have to be controlled and mentally abused by him any longer. They both have struggled over the past 4 1/2 years trying to get their lives together. You dad loves you. Your mother needs to contact us and speak with one of our child custody attorneys about allowing you to continue with your everyday activities regardless of where you will be living this summer. But besides the point sidetracked there sorry. Stressed to the max with spring break coming up, I had wonderful relationship with my son, the minor counsel accused me with parental alienation had the court order monitoring visits,my son runaway from his mother later he start changing now he refuse to come to visits even the monitoring accusing me that I brainwashed him against his mom which it is not true, last court hearing the female judge told mom if he does not visits if he act bad she will be in trouble,the mother she was alienation my son against me but I was successful to undo her work when he cam to me now I can’t. She wanted me to know of all the sneaky things she’d seen him do. His dad (Rodney) wants to come and get him for Christmas this year, which will be his first Christmas with him since Nicholas was 11 mths old. But there has never been ANYTHING they have adamantly refused to do. I’m at this site tonight because this is our situation, too. I have decided I will not physically force them to visit. The KICKER, the judge actually wrote me and told me the order was vacated (no contact) until my weekends. For example, let’s say your child is 16-years-old and wants to hang out with his or her friends instead of visiting with you. She knows and loves her mom but she loves to be with us because she says we take care of her and we feed her. Mine are 12 and 9 and absolutely refuse to go, they want nothing to do with him. I don’t blame them! Please advise. So there she is threatening everyone with an order she KNEW was vacated!!! Brette's Answer : No court is going to force a 17 year old to go on visitation if he doesn't want to. I never understood why she didn’t feel my love as a father who loved her deeply. Holds them over his families head. Good luck! Now kids have no desire to see therapist because they both agree “it doesn’t do any good to talk to someone, when no one listens to how I feel.” So now all the kids see is that the courts are failing them as well as outside help , it’s nice to know I’m not the only one going through this!! Every visit they break down and cry and suffer from anxiety. He wants to do everything he can for his son but his son won’t even talk to him. She is doing them all! Lol. I have had to tell the school about this because the children ate being effected in school too now. He dropped mid weeks, he never calls them anymore and recently moved out of state. I would love to have my daughter live with me and the. Everyday is a battle and I just don’t know what to do anymore. We provide a Free Case Evaluation which is performed by an attorney in your area. He had recently been arrested for drugs and patronizing prostitutes , of course my daughter doesn’t know this but she witnessed him screaming at me n her and calling her overweight and on and on so she drew her own conclusions about him, I can not help that she doesn’t want to be verbally abused and neglected on her visits, he shows no signs of remorse or rectifing his behavior I feel very bad and worried for my daughter if his suspended visitation is lifted. My daughter (14 years old) has had panic attacks at her father’s. I am being told he, as their father, has every right to the children but he will not follow or learn about their special care and needs. From what I’ve read on this board… shame on you moms for making yourselves look like victims here. We have no idea why this child is not able to graduate now until August because not even the (private) school he attends will communicate with us. Just as he worked hard to get where he is now, a declaration letter needs to be succinct and very detailed and show the progress a person has made. Revenge has that power to sustain you in your time of self destruction lol. She’s had spells where she just doesn’t want to visit him. Some attorneys will only charge a small fee for child support issues as they can be handled in one or two court dates, sometimes only $500. She was growing more uncomfortable around him. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We simply do not have the means to persue any sort of legal action here besides, any type of legally mandated contact between my husband and his son will not heal these wounds and would be extremely hollow at best . Give me a break….she gave many examples and the daughter threw a phone at HER for God sake. But my case not even close. This is precisely the situation we are in with my 13-year-old stepdaughter. My son will be 4 in October. She was almost hysterical. First I went to the courts to modify my time and ask for certain days during the year so my daughter can be with me here in Florida. They are estranged because I was angry over the divorce from their mother and took it out on my 2 daughters. You need to be in an environment that you can grow in and be happy. In the State of Louisiana, what is the age when a child can determine which parent he wishes to live with providing the parent he wishes to live with can meet the statute criteria for support which includes adequate housing, food and proper schooling, and a loving environment for the child to grow and prosper, mentally and physically. The custodial parent’s attorney has a duty to help the client avoid these situations. I know that by our agreement I have to take him to see his dad. Would love to know the outcome of this! They never do anything right. I now have a job and have made several commitments to some great opportunities for over the summer in hawaii (where I live), but out of the blue my dad decided he wants me this summer. He has two step children, but they pester her and are mean to her. I was told the whole list except that my son had except for bronchitus. You also must show that you are stable and that whatever caused this to happen has been taken care of. How Is Visitation Dealt With In Your State? In the beginning these kids couldn’t wait to go visit their dad. But this is what she wants .,she wants to have the sane name as her mom, dad and sister’s,,they are a beautiful family,,the last time I saw the man that abandoned he he told me that that he’s going to take her to Mexico,,he is a a illegal alien,,,I know that he will pretend to care,,he never support them I did,, I know he will not sign the paper’s,,for the adoption,,what can we do,. At the time they told me if I ever had a custody issue again they would file an affidavit in support of no visitation with either child. Then I get another story that my wife is talking bad about his mother. Our daughter is already acting out, hurting herself. They spend their time doing chores or yardwork and the step mother seems to have a resentment attitude towards the kids. After the divorce ended, I was able to talk the middle two children into giving their father a chance. It is very unfortunate, my children are also dealing with a behaviorally toxic father, he was like that when we were married, which is one of the main reasons we are divorced.