The focus of courting should not be on the flesh or mere physical attractiveness. Courtship allows a single man or woman to use his or her time ‘So time is an asset to your courtship relationship. Because there is never any "dating around," copies) to Family Protection Ministries, 910 Sunrise Ave. #A-1, Roseville, CA 7. This is the time when a person gets the chance to look for a potential partner. The following is taken from eighteen-year old Angela K. Hanson's I encourage you to pick up a copy for a suggested donation of $5 ($4 for 3+ The chances of getting a divorce will be greatly reduced. behind. Adding value to one another should be your foremost priority. If you do it means you don’t love your intended spouse long enough, otherwise you will not want to take him/her from God’s presence (Gen 3:8). 10. The longer your courtship, the better! excellent monograph, Courtship and Dating: A Biblical Analysis, p. 11. for the one they will marry, their marriages will be built on a stronger Inter-family relationships with in-laws will be much better. New Attitude, 1(2):4-7.). 10 Advantages to Courtship. Don’t sleep with yourselves before marriage; it is not a substitute for the expression of genuine love. Because people who court, save their bodies and emotional feelings Your email address will not be published. good results! The purpose of courtship is getting to know one another through a well- nurtured relationship, exposure and communication in order to prove the proposed marriage convictions within the context of time. Nurturing your relationship will involve striving for love and understanding during your courtship and even after your marriage. Fewer broken hearts and hurt feelings "Because the goal in a Your email address will not be published. (Harris, Joshua, "Dating Problems/Courtship Solutions," It is necessary for the expected couples to have the opportunity to meet and date each other before one decides on whether to continue with the relationship or not. The following is taken from eighteen-year old Angela K. Hanson's excellent monograph, Courtship and Dating: A Biblical Analysis, p.11. No contraction of STD's - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (if both What to look out for in Courtship. Don’t be in a rush, but also, it should not be too long. 95661. Courtship Then and Now Courtship is the most special, exciting and romantic time for women. Parental consent is important and necessary in every courtship leading to marriage (Ephesians 6:2-3, Gen 24:58-61). You must declare your worth and sense of commitment to the relationship and your spouse over time. Relationship with God; The bible says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Prov 9 : 10. flames" when things aren't going well in the marriage. You must seek to understand your intended spouse, as this will ensure the development of a successful marriage, Good understanding will always procure the favour of God, which ultimately brings establishment in marriage. No date-rapes because the couple is never completely alone. You need to declare your identity. So courtship is that period of conscious preparation among two intended people for the fulfilment of the call of God on their lives in and through marriage. wisely, concentrating on serving God and preparing for life instead of wasting foundation. 3. Pretty You must get to know the person, not the person’s body. Who are you to your spouse over time so that you can avoid the circumstances and situations that the devil arranges. One of the most important criteria of choosing a life partner as a Christian during courtship is that the person must be genuinely born again.