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Need Help Printing DVD Covers? (Standard Size)

This guide was done specifically on a PC using Irfanview, however, any program will work as long as it allow you to adjust the size of the printings (like Photoshop, paintshop, etc.). Microsoft's internal viewer is not going to do the job! Irfanview is fast, small and will work on any PC with minimal fuss. This is for printing a Standard Size cover only. If anyone has good settings on thinpaks... let me know. I'll post 'em here.

  1. Download Irfanview at Irfanview.com and install it. (It's only 1 mb... so dial-up users don't worry!)
  2. Download your favorite cover to print and open Irfanview. Click "File" and Select "Open"

  3. Now that you have your DVD Cover open with Irfanviev, Click "File" and Select "Print"irfanimg2

  4. Change the following settings:

    -- Change Portrait to Landscape. When Correct the Preview should look like it will not get cut off.
    -- Chnage "Print Size" to "Custom". Between 10.5 inches and 10.6 inches usually works. Not all DVD cases have the same dimensions! 10.6 inches is my preferred size which fits most any case. Leave Height alone since we want to keep the aspect ratio. If needed you can trim this to fit the case better later.
    -- Change Position to "Centered". Reason is that many printers become less accurate when printing on the edges of paper (especially for larger sizes). This will help in keeping your cover from getting partially cut off in the printing process by giving it a bit of breathing room.
    -- Change Units to "Inches" this is so that we match the "custom" field with the appropriate dimensions. Failure to do this will make a Tiny image!


  5. While still on the "Print Preview" window, click "Printer Setup" button. (Do not Print it yet!!)
    --- Click the "Properties" Button next the the name of your printer.

  6. The next screen will look different with every printer. But there are a few key things you need to look for. You want to find an option that gives you "Borderless printing". This is essential because printing with the normal margin settings for any printer will cause a smaller print that you specified earlier. This is not possible for all printers!! So if this option does not exist for you... then your're stuck printing smaller than normal covers. You could try minimizing printer margins to as small as possible to maximize the printing area. The only other areas you may want to tweak is the "Paper Type" and "Print Quality" settings. For paper type make sure you select the type of paper you want. Photo printing specific paper is recommended as it gives the best quality outputs, and make sure you have the print quality setting up to "Best" or "High quality". You may not need to specify this, but make sure paper type is for 8.5x11in also. See the end of this tutorial for a tip on setting up HP C5200 series printers.


  7. Click "OK" an you will return back to the "Printer Setup" screen and then click "OK" again to return back to "Print Preview" dialog box. Your dvd cover in the preview box should look identical in size to the preview below.
  8. Click "Print" and enjoy.
  9. Tips on cutting... use a xacto knife or pickup a paper cutter. I found a cheaper one at costco that does a wonderful job!

    **** Tips for HP c5200 users ---- In the printer settings you'll find you can pick borderless unless you click on the "Photo Printing -- bordless" template. Make sure you change the Paper Size to "Borderless 8.5x11in" or it will print out of your 4x6 tray! You might want to save this as a new template for the future****